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Free Robot Memory Game For Kids

Today on The Inspiration Edit we have a fantastic new Robot Memory Game printable which you can download to play with the kids. Developing memory skills is essential for children as the memory is the basis of many simple tasks. There are lots of things you can do to help your child improve their working memory and games such as fish or this Robot Memory Game are great ways to do this.

Why is a working Memory Important?

A working memory can help children to hold on to information long enough to use it.

A working memory plays an important role in learning to following instructions.

A working memory can help a child to develop concentration skills.

Poor working memory skills can affect learning in many different subject areas and therefore it is an important skill for your child to develop.

What You Will Need

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Let’s Make It

To play this game you will need to download and print off two copies of the Robot PDF sheet. Cut out the Squares with scissors and laminate to create a long lasting resource.

Place the robot cards face down on a surface. Next have the children take in turns to choose two cards. When a set of cards match the child gets to keep these. The child with the most sets of Robots at the end of the game wins.


Robot Memory Game image

To download your free Robot Memory Game just click here.