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Disney Descendants Evie Costume

It’s been a bit of a busy week and there has been a lot going on in our home. As per usual I have been ill and very dizzy and nauseous but not as sick as I was while on my liver shrinking diet preparing for my operation, so thats the good news.

This week was World Book day and I wrote a book on some of my favourite books if you’d like to pop over and take a read, totally optional but your welcome. Anyway, Sylvia wanted to dress up as Evie, from Disney Descendants.

Disney Descendants

Disney Evie Costume

Evie is the Daughter of the Evil Queen, the one who tried to kill Snow white. Evie however is cool and has blue hair and wears blue clothes.

So, Sylvia decided she wanted to wear a Disney Evie costume for school. We  decided to create our own DIY Evie costume and found a blue denim skirt, a blue top pretty easy enough in the drawers, but needed to figure how to get blue hair.

Disney Descendants

Evie Descendents Hair

To create Evie hair, I googled blue hair spray and looked it up from a few online stores. I almost ordered some dye and quickly realised it was hair dye.

I’m glad I double checked, Sylvia could have ended up with blue hair for some time. I’m sure she would have loved having Evie descendents hair permanently but the school might not have been happy about that! 

Disney Descendants

I finally found a blue spray available from Superdrug and sent John to buy it for £2.99. Sylvia and John then visited the Poundland store for a magic mirror and came home with a mirror and a necklace. Evie like Jewellery.

Evie Makeup

We had a small tiara and some blue nail polish and we was hoping  to have some blue eye shadow but only had purple so that had to do.

Sylvia was super excited and although the Evie costume could have been a little better, it turned out great and my daughter was super excited to go to school.

Disney Descendants

Sylvia took her Disney Descendents book, The Isle of the Lost with her to school and is so excited as she has been telling everyone that she is coming to school with blue hair!

I don’t look forward to washing it out!

What do you think? Do you like the Disney Descendents Evie Look?

And we could not leave without a great dog picture! Quote of the Week!


Disney Descendants

disney evie costume