Disney Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Ball Gown Belle

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Yesterday we had a fantastic delivery from Hasbro. We received the Disney Beauty And The Beast Enchanting Ball Gown Belle Doll and The Beauty And The Beast Village Dress Belle Doll.

Disney Belle Doll Enchanted ball Gown

Sylvia was so excited and has been eagerly anticipating the arrival of her new Disney Belle Dolls. In fact it is perfect timing as it’s the Easter holidays and we were looking for something new to do to keep her from being bored.

The dolls come in the same dresses worn by Emma Watson in the new Disney movie Beauty And The Beast and they are super cute. The dolls are the same size as an average Barbie doll and their arms and legs move.

The Disney Beauty And The Beast Village Dress Belle Doll is a doll inspired but the village scene in the Beauty And The Beast movie. The doll has a blue village dress with red sash and removable brown boots.

Sylvia really liked this doll and when we came in, she put the animated movie on and recreated the scene playing with the village doll whilst Belle sung the first song on the movie and interacted with the different village people.

The second doll is The Beauty And The Beast Enchanting Ball Gown Belle. This doll has more features and is really quite special hence it costs a little more than the village dress Belle.

The Enchanted Dress Belle Doll is the same size as the village doll but had more hair and the arms bend at the elbows to allow her to dance with Beast when re-enacting the final dance scene of the movie.

The Enchanted Dress Belle is wearing her iconic yellow ballgown which is based on the dress worn by Emma Watson in the recent movie. The doll is graceful and has a lovely hair style which can be taken out if required.

The Disney Belle Enchanted Dress Doll comes with a headpiece, gorgeous golden shoes and a necklace. Sylvia loves the little accessories and the fact the shoes can fit on either doll.

I like how easy the shoes are to put on and off. Sometimes dolls clothes can be hard to take on or off but the Belle outfits are designed to be put on and off super easy and I really like that.

Thankyou Hasbro for sending us these dolls to review. They are the best gift Sylvia has received this year to date and she loves them. I imagine she will continue to play with these for a long time.

Angela and Sylvia

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  1. Love these dolls, they so pretty. Looks like your daughter is having so much fun with Belle! My niece would love these’

  2. Those are adorable. I know my daughter would love them. She is 4 and just starting to get interested in barbies and dolls, so I might have to grab one for Easter.

  3. I remember having Disney princess dolls when I was young and the cartoon versions were new. It’s great to see the new generation getting to play with such fun characters!

    1. I never had any dolls as a child that I remember. My sister did but I was never really interested in them.

  4. My girls used to be so crazy about Belle when they were little. And I loved that they loved her because she loves reading and she’s very smart. I think these dolls are beautiful!

  5. Ah these are so pretty! I live in a house full of boys so I haven’t even seen the film yet! I will though…

  6. those are so cute. my daughters love beauty and the beast. i may have to check them out for them.

  7. My daughters loved the movie. I am going to have to get these dolls for them. They would love them.

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