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A Designer Dog Bed For Yoda and Casper

Last week while I was in London the most amazing dog bed arrived for Yoda and Casper and I am so super excited to share. We love our Bichon dogs and giving them treats, comfort and care is really important to my family.

The new dog bed is designed and created by a company called Raised By Humans. We opted to review the bold and beautiful Metric mattress dog bed. It’s a designer bed with beautiful colours and is really lovely on the eye.

Raised By Humans is a dog bed company who specifically sell stylish dog beds which not only give your dog great comfort but also look great in the home. I love that this dog bed is so colourful and it really looks great in our home.

We have had a dog bed in the past which was pretty plain and after a while it was thrown out as it really looked scruffy and wasn’t too comfortable for our dogs. This new dog bed on the other hand looks fantastic and is liked by all the members of our family including the family dogs.

So what did Yoda and Casper think of their new Raised By Humans Designer Bed?

As in any dog related review we can’t exactly ask for a running commentary from the Dogs so we share how our dogs behaved and acted with the new item.

Yoda is all about softness and comfort. He will usually sleep anywhere that is comfortable and when given the opportunity to lay on his new bed, he was very happy to lay there and chill out.

So the bed got a big paws up from Yoda and he has been using the bed ever since.

Casper also found the bed to be comfortable as he has used the bed quite a bit in the past week. Casper however is adopted and due to some past experiences he is a little clingy and likes to spend more time with me.

So what did I do? I strategically placed the bed next to my chair where I work on the computer from. This was a game changer. Casper started using the bed. he clearly likes it and with the bed being close to me, he felt confident to rest and sleep knowing I was not too far away.

It also freed up my sofa space and I did not have Casper squashing in behind me like he usually does. I think it’s a win win situation. We have a designer dog bed which is super comfy for our dogs and close enough to myself for Casper to feel safe and secure.

This new bed from Raised By Humans is gorgeous. Even my daughter has tried chilling out on it but that’s a story for another day!

Angela x

*We were sent this product for the purpose of review and all opinions are honest and our own*