Staring at the Sick Bowl Adrenal Insufficiency

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I’m staring at the sick bowl trying to stay calm. I just want to puke. The nausea is unbearable. I wish I could just get this over already. I am so unwell.

I have adrenal insufficiency. My cortisol levels are not right. In fact My adrenal symptoms are getting worse. My head hurts. The back of my eyeballs feel like they are about to explode. The pain across my head is severe. My legs and arms are aching. I can barely think.

What has caused my body to require more cortisol? Well the answer is pretty simple or is it? I appear to have a skin infection. The life saving steroids I take to keep me alive weaken my immune system and infections are all too common for me.

But there is something more going on. If it was just an infection I would be able to double dose and get through. There must be something else affecting me as my symptoms worsen and my blood pressure drops to the point I can no longer stand.

I am dizzy and weak and becoming dehydrated. I search my body for signs. What is going on? I notice a rash. This is not normal. Maybe I have a viral infection that I am unaware of.

No matter what the underlying cause, my medication is not sufficient. I need to increase my dose even more. The nausea is sweeping over me again. I need a break but this will take time.

I call my husband please help me. He is helpless. What can he do? He can’t take the pain away. He can’t will the nausea to leave as much as he would like.

I take comfort in knowing someone cares. Yes I am going through this but I am not going through it alone. My husband is by my side.

My eyes continue to hurt. Maybe if I go to sleep I can get some peace. I will just close my eyes and rest. What more can I do?

I know eventually this will pass. Yes it is hard to take but I can do this. Eventually the pain will leave and I will feel improved. I just have to ride the wave of adrenal insufficiency once more until my cortisol levels are stable and knowing I will improve gives me hope. Hope that I can make it through another crisis.

Angela x

sick bowl

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  1. So sorry you are suffering, I hope the symptoms pass soon, it is not nice for the person who loves and cares about you to just watch helplessly from the side willing it to go away or in my case wishing we could swap so I can be the one who suffers x

  2. I hope you start to feel better soon. When we don’t feel well, all we can do it take things one day at a time and stay positive.

  3. This sounds so awful! I am so sorry that you have to go through this. Sharing your story really helps others out there that are also facing a chronic illness. Good for you that you keep going!

  4. Gosh that sounds awful. I am so sorry you have to go through this, I can relate though as I am still going through horrific health issues myself. I have a gastroscopy booked for tomorrow, another brain scan next week, cardiology and endocrinology the following week. I just want some answers, waiting around for them is just the worst. I hope you feel a little better today. xx

  5. This sounds so horrid, it must make even the small stuff a struggle. Hope you’re feeling better soon and we’re all here if you need anything x

  6. Oh no! This sounds horrible 🙁 feel so sorry that you have to endure this Angela. My mummy hates waking up with aches and couldn’t imagine having strong bouts of nausea on top of that! Stay strong xx

  7. your pains sound horrendous, not sure my grandson has the vocabulary to describe this if it was happening to him. Must be quite depressing to think this it is and things will not improve significantly for people like you. #Maybe one day they will find a better way to either self test or control the levels

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