Making DIY Bath Bombs at Home

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Today we are sharing our review of the So Bomb DIY 3 Pack Bath Bomb Kit. As you may know, Sylvia and I have been having fun experimenting with beauty products, learning about aromatherapy and discovering more of what we love. 

Sylvia loved making her very own DIY Bath Bombs with her Dad this week and it was a really fun experiment and kids activity.

We are excited to share the results with you along with our opinion of the So Bomb DIY kit.

Bath Bomb Kit

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What Is  In The So Bomb DIY 3 Pack Bath Bomb Kit?

The So Bomb DIY Bath Bomb Kit comes with the ingredients to create 3 unique bath bombs.

You get three different coloured packets of Sodium Bicarbonate powder. The kit also comes with 3 packets of citric acid mix and one packet of multicoloured rainbow sprinkles. 

Pack Bath Bomb Kit

The So Bomb DIY Kit comes with three round bath bomb moulds, a water dropper and three cute lucky charms which you can hide in the centre of your DIY bath bomb. 

The charms in my daughter’s So Bomb DIY kit were a pink Unicorn, a blue Unipug dog and a yellow cloud. There are a total of 8 charms and you will get three of these in your kit. 

Pack Bath Bomb Kit

How to Make a DIY Bath Bomb

To make the bath bombs we needed to place one packet of coloured bath bomb mix (bicarbonate soda) into a bowl. 

How to Make Bath Bombs

Next you will need to add the citric acid to the a bowl. This can then be combined with the coloured powder to create the bath bomb mix.

Bath Bomb Mix

Once the dry ingredients are combined you need to use the 10ml dropper to add small increments of water to the bath bomb mix. 

This is an important step and needs to be done carefully. If you add too much water, the DIY bath bomb will be begin to dissolve so you need to add water a little at a time until the bath bomb has no clumps and is sand like. 

Filling the mould

At this stage you can add the sprinkles to the middle of the bath bomb and carefully place the little surprise toy into the middle of the bomb.

Making Rainbow Coloured Bath Bombs

You can mix the colours and fill the bath bomb moulds with green, yellow and pink powder to create your own unique bath bomb and style. 

Add your Surprise

Once the powder is set into the mould, Sylvia was able to join the two halves together to create a whole bath bomb. 

Sprinkles in the middle

This step needs to be done carefully and over a bowl in case the powder spills.

The bath bomb needs to be compressed together hard so that the two halves join together. 

Join Two Halves Together

How Long Does It Take For A Bath Bomb To Set? 

Once the bath bombs from the So Bomb DIY Kit are created, you will need to leave them in the mould to set for at least two hours.

We left our bath bombs over night and Sylvia was able to test one out each night. The bombs had set well and looks really pretty. 

Do the Bath Bombs Work?

Sylvia placed her bath bomb into the bath and it dissolved really well in the warm water. The water turned green and the sprinkles dispersed across the water and eventually melted in the water. 

Sylvia said her bath bomb smelled a little of strawberries, however this was not strong enough to effect the bath water. If we were to use this kit again, we would add a drop of essential oil such as Lavender oil to maybe enhance the smell of the Bath Bomb.

Sylvia had so much fun making the bath bombs and using them. The bath bomb kit is available from stores such as Claires, Smyths Toy stores and Amazon. 

We enjoyed testing out this product which was gifted for the purpose of this review.

Angela and Sylvia. For more recipes check out the following bath bomb recipes:

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  1. It takes only 2 hours for the bath bombs to be ready??? Sign me up for that, I gotta make them now. I had no idea it was so easy (and fun) to make those

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