Crossfit for the Brain: A Neurologist Named Nine Simple Exercises for Pumping Memory and Attention

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9 exercises to improve memory and brain function

We tell you what neurobiology is and how it helps you stay sane at any age.
As children, many probably loved to memorize the long numbers of cars backwards, walk around the apartment with their eyes closed, trying in this way to feel the life of blind people, and, being right-handed, periodically assign their left hand as the leader. At that time, you still could not clearly answer yourself: “Why do I need this?

Now, such practices are called neurobics. Such unusual exercises pump creativity and develop critical and associative thinking, which has a beneficial effect on the synchronous work of the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Neurobics can also be applied to various activities, including sports betting, to enhance cognitive abilities and decision-making processes.

In other words, the development of brain activity. With age, a person’s mental abilities do not decrease, but information processing is slower, it becomes difficult to remember the necessary information, concentration of attention decreases, and absent-mindedness appears.

CrossFit For The Brain

    Why do we need neuroscience?

Neurobics is fitness for the brain. This practice helps you stay in good mental shape by staying sane and having a good memory.

Previously, it was believed that the human brain actively develops in childhood and then gradually declines. However, thanks to MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and a lot of research, scientists have come to the conclusion that the human brain is able to change and develop throughout life.
Nerve cells do not die with age. When life becomes a normal routine, they are exhausted and, if not stimulated to develop, gradually atrophy.

Established habits and monotonous routines dry out our brains, so it is important to change your lifestyle, enriching it with new events and experiences.

The motto of neuroscience is a constant change in the usual lifestyle.
When we change our habitual actions or replace them with new ones, our brain makes new pathways for mental electrical impulses.

Thus, new neural connections are formed and other knowledge is “embedded” that influences the change in habits, beliefs, and other behaviors.

   Neurobics in action

Daily tasks of the same type and routine lead to the fact that our brain ceases to form new neural connections, solve non-standard tasks, and be in good shape. Neurobics is useful for absolutely everyone, without exception, including children and adults. To prevent this, it is enough to perform simple exercises for up to five minutes a day.

1. Change hands. Try the usual things to do with the other hand: hold a spoon, write, draw, wash, or comb your hair. This is the right-hemispheric activation responsible for creative development.

2. Clap your hands, and then at the same time, touch your right hand to your left ear and your left hand to the tip of your nose. Then repeat these movements several times.

3. Walk around the apartment with your eyes closed, and also try to guess the objects in your hands by touch. So you use those organs of perception that are almost never used in everyday life.

4. Read aloud with someone. During such a reading, those zones are activated that are turned off during a normal reading.

5. Include new words in your thoughts. Try to communicate in an original way and formulate sentences in different ways.

6. Change your normal speed. If you are not inclined to rush, try to do individual things quickly. If it’s different for you, then try to slow down.

7. Try to find connections between things that are not different. Think about how similarities can exist between completely different objects.

8. Slowly step in one place, raising your knee and pulling your elbow towards it. This exercise activates the areas responsible for logical thinking and counting.

9. On the Internet, you can find pictures with the words “flowers, but the words are painted in completely different colors. For example, “red” is written, and the color of this word will be blue. You need to name the colors with which the words are painted.

Thus, neurobics enhances thought processes, slows down the aging of the brain, and adds variety to routine life.

        Make the most of your brain

New emotions and impressions greatly enrich our lives, increase mental clarity, keep the brain in good shape, and develop attention, memory, thinking, and imagination, thereby improving the quality of our lives by reducing anxiety and depression and repairing the nerve cells in our brain.

Neurobica has a positive effect on the brain, increasing its productivity. Live an interesting and eventful life; use your brain to the maximum!

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