Hairstyles Over the Past Eight Years

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Hairstyles Over The Past Eight Years

When I was pregnant I didn’t dye my hair. I was told it could be dangerous to the baby. Whether or not that is true or whether it’s another pregnancy myth I don’t know and I decided not to bother just incase. I was also quite ill throughout my pregnancy with Gestational diabetes and Pregnancy Cholostasis so I really didn’t have the energy or time to look after my hair.

Then Sylvia came along and not long afterwards I left my then-husband, now X husband due to his and his Mother’s abusive behaviour towards me. Seriously, I had a crazy mother in law which I could write a book on but for now, I’ll say I ended up getting a protection order to protect myself and my baby.

Well, once I became free from an abusive home and lifestyle, I truly felt free. I felt great and I began looking after myself better. I was able to control my own money again and every now and again have my hair done nice.

I was born a natural blonde, however, over the years, my hair has darkened. My favourite hairstyle is blonde and so when I came to the UK I went blonde straight away.

I began experimenting. I bought hair straighteners, the GHD brand. I loved to straighten my hair, but then again I loved to curl my hair and so I bought tongs. One day, I was in the lounge and someone walking up the backs sneaked into my home and stole the straighteners from my kitchen. I was gutted and never really saved up for more. I do want to get some in the future and am hoping at some point to review some hair products and electronics.

Not long after my straighteners were stolen, I went to the hair dresses and went Red. Yes this was the first and only time. I loved it but it took almost two years to grow out and go back to the colour I truly love Blonde.

Last year I went brown for the first time, I’ve been ill for a few years now and had not really looked after my hair much (once again). So John took me to the hair dresses and I went brown just in time for Britmums 2015


Now I am back to a mess. I wanted to get my hair dyed but due to it being weak and losing quite a lot of hair before my Gastric Bypass, I have been reluctant to dye it blonde again. I don’t want all my hair to drop out, however, I do plan to go back blonde eventually. That’s my natural colour and I’m looking forward to going back to the real me, that I prefer and am quite excited about it.

That’s the story of my hair in the past 8 years.

What’s yours?

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