Who Is Hello Kitty and Why Do People Love Her?

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Last week was my daughter’s birthday and she asked for a Hello Kitty Plush as a gift. Hello Kitty is super popular around the world and today I thought it would be fun to share some interesting facts about the Hello Kitty character. I thought it would be fun to share how Hello kitty was created and share more about this Japanese kawaii character.

I’ve also shared some fantastic Hello Kitty Gift Ideas at the end of the post. I am an amazon affiliate and any purchases made from clicking the links may result in affiliate income.

What Is Hello Kitty?

From kids toys and games to clothing and accessories and even items of everyday use- Hello Kitty is everywhere. It is actually a fun fictional character- a female bobtail cat. Over the years, Hello Kitty has become increasingly popular and its media franchise now includes music albums, books, accessories and more.

In fact, today, you’ll also find Hello Kitty theme parks, TV series and anime shows targeting growing children.

Is Hello Kitty Anime?

Did you know Hello Kitty is actually a mascot character- not anime. That said, the year 2021 is the year that marks the introduction of a new Hello Kitty anime by the French studio Monello Productions.

How Old Is Hello Kitty?

Hello Kitty was ‘born’ in 1974, which means it is 46 years old in 2021. In the year 2014, when Hello Kitty was 40 years, it was worth $8 billion a year, which makes it one of the highest grossing media franchises ever.

Where Is Hello Kitty From?

According to the story by the creator Yuko Shimizu, Kitty White (Hello Kitty’s full name), is a third grade student who lives outside of London with her twin sister Mimi.

The creator decided to make Hello Kitty a resident of UK because during that time, foreign countries, particularly Britain, were really popular.

Why Doesn’t Hello Kitty Have a Mouth?

Now this is an interesting question! Hello Kitty was created without a mouth so that it could give people an opportunity to project their feelings onto the character.

Some people believe there’s actually another, slightly depressing story behind why Hello Kitty has no mouth.

Who Are the Main Hello Kitty Characters?

There are 39 characters in the Hello Kitty franchise, and they are named either after a famous jewel or birthstone or mineral.

Some of the main Hello Kitty characters are-

  • Pandapple
  • Monkichi
  • Purin
  • Pekkle
  • Chibimaru
  • Chococat
  • Sweet coron
  • Landry
  • Keroppi
  • Cinnamaroll

Where Can I Buy Hello Kitty Stuff?

In New Zealand, you can visit the Famous Hello Kitty Store on Queen Street in Auckland. This is the only Hello Kitty store in the country and if you don’t live close by, you can visit online.

Hello Kitty Gift Ideas

You can also buy Hello Kitty Merchandise from Amazon. Here are some great Hello Kitty Gift Ideas!

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