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I have a confession to make. Last year we didn’t put up the Christmas Tree. I felt terrible about it. The reality was I was so unwell in December and my husband was so exhausted caring for me and doing everything in the home that we simply didn’t bother.

I felt really bad for Sylvia as it’s a family tradition and she loves to put the star on top of the tree each year.

However in 2017 we were exhausted and shattered the same way you are after you have a new born baby. We just didn’t have the strength. 

Choosing A New Christmas Tree

This year I was determined for things to be different and when I was contacted by Christmas Tree World with the opportunity to review a brand new pre-lit Christmas tree, I could not say no. 

In fact Sylvia and I looked at all the trees available online at Christmas Tree World and found one we loved. It is the 6Ft Ultra Devonshire Pre-Lit Christmas Tree with warm white multicoloured change LED lights.

Both Sylvia and I loved the look of this tree and together we decided it was the tree of our dreams! 

A Prelit Christmas Tree From Christmas Tree World

I have to admit having a pre-lit Christmas tree not only saves us time and energy, (something you need when you have chronic illness) but it also has the 450 professionally strung lights which are evenly balanced and look fantastic.

The Devonshire Pre-Lit Christmas Tree is great value for money because it not only has one colour but a variety of light options which can be changed with the push of a button. 

The lights can change the colour from a warm white to multicoloured lighting and so you choose the option you require depending on your mood. 

The Light Functions are as follows:

  • Warm White static
  • Warm white and multicolour static together (warm white is much brighter than multicolour)
  • Multicolour and warm white static together (multicolour is much brighter than warm white)
  • Multicolour static
  • Combination
  • Fast twinkling
  • Gradient function (fades between the colours continuously)
  • Slow twinkling

A 6Ft Christmas Tree From Christmas Tree World

Whilst there are a number of different size trees available at Christmas Tree world we wanted to get a tall 6ft Christmas tree which could fit into our lounge just right. I really do love big trees and this one was relatively easy for us to set up. 

In fact, you simply place the base on the ground and add three separate sections. It did not take long and then you simply pull the green foliage and branches down.

The branches are hinged which means they are in place in a matter of seconds and the Christmas tree looks fantastic. You don’t need to move branches around or bend them. 

The colour of the branches are a dark natural green and there are a mixture of PE and traditional PVC tips. 

What I Love About The Devonshire Christmas Tree

For me the best parts of this tree are the super fast assembly of the hinged branches along with the look of the tree and all the fantastic lights. It really is a lovely 6ft Christmas Tree and I am super impressed.

We decided to put up our tree nice and early. My birthday is mid November and so we begin our Christmas planning and decorating once my birthday is over. Even the dogs got in on the Christmas spirit with their lovely Santa suits

It’s good for us to start our decorating early as I never know how well or unwell I will be. Getting the tree up a week earlier than planned meant I was able to take part in decorating the tree with my daughter without the potential risk of having to just sit on the sofa and watch like most years . Decorating the tree was super fun and we had a fantastic time. 

We love our new tree from Christmas Tree World. This specific tree retails for £189. I think it’s a good investment and can see us using it over and over for many years as it is so easy to use and set up. 

*We were gifted the tree in return for this blog post*