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Over the past few months I have been looking at how I can increase my blog traffic. Getting traffic and views on the blog is an important thing for any blogger and so I have been actively working on this. I thought I’d share today what I have been doing to increase my traffic flow. I’m really pleased as I have finally completed the first major milestone of my plan and it feels really great.

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Content Planning

The one thing I learnt from my early days of blogging is was the phrase, “Content in King”. If you write good content people will read it and share. Of course there is a lot of work involved in promoting your content but the first step is to write good solid content that people like.

For myself I decided to write content I like. I am sharing my thoughts and feelings and my fun ideas and only that which I enjoy and want to share. As I share more evergreen and pillar content and promote it people will naturally come and read good content. Those who are interested.

SEO Updates

So it took a long time but I finally updated all my posts. I had over 600 and I can honestly say about 590 of these are now green light posts. When I started out as a blogger I did not understand SEO. I did not understand how to optimise my posts for search engines and I had very poor traffic from that source. This has now changed. It’s taken around a year to sort them all and I went over every post last week which took about 30 hours but it is done.

I have good SEO for almost every post now. I have better keywords, good tags and a solid meta description for every post and it’s great. From this point forward I will be making sure every post is fully optimised before it goes live. Lesson learned!

Pinterest Traffic

This has been a labour of love but in January I decided to Pinterest optimise every post which I felt was pin worthy. I have created a pinnable image for most of my blog posts. I have joined Tailwind and have been scheduling and pinning good content to my boards as well as sharing my own pins. This has slowly grown my following on Pinterest which has tripled since January. I almost have 4000 followers and my goal is to reach 10,000 by the end of the year.

Pinterest can be a great source of traffic as it’s a visual search engine and this has certainly helped drive some traffic to my blog, although it’s not my top traffic source. Last but not least I have recently added a special Pin Me badge to every page.

You can add a pin option to your blog but I wanted a customised badge which linked direct to the pinnable URL on pinterest. I have been working hard on branding and wanted my badge to line up with my brand. So this is the new badge. What do you think?

Boost Your Blog 

Again this took hours of work but I have this badge inserted into all pinnable posts and if my reader clicks on the badge it will instantly take them to pinterest to pin the content. You don’t have to have a customised badge but for me it was an idea I had an d wanted to work with. Now, I am also offering a service to other bloggers.

I can design and add pin badges to your content in keeping with your brand and colours. If your interested in paying for this service please do get in contact. It’s labour intensive and takes time but may very well help boost pins from your blog content.

So these are three ways I have worked this year to boost my blog traffic. I have more plans for the coming months and those involve working on branding, working on my email list and opt in forms. I want to look at improving my convert kits and lead pages, improving newsletters and offering lovely educational printables.

I will keep writing my thoughts and feelings and speaking out about issues which are important to me and my content combined with my efforts to improve the blog should help me to continue to grow in traffic.

What have you been doing to boost your traffic?

I’d love to hear?

Angela x


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  1. I just cant seem to get to grips with Pinterest – i love it but more as a board for all the things i NEED in my life! lol

  2. Pinterest is such a big source of traffic for my blog. I was really late getting started with it .. but once I did .. I’ve really seen my numbers grow. I love the badge you made .. I wish I was as creative!

    1. I like to plan but I also love having an Editorial calendar which allows me to switch posts around when needed.

  3. I really struggle to get traffic from Pinterest but my traffic has tripled since moving to WordPress in November. I can also proudly say that my traffic has increased each month since . In terms of making the other posts SEO ready that is something I definitely need to do! x

    1. It can be really hard I agree especially when your a fashion blogger or not writing HOW TO style posts… it can be more tough. SEO is a great place to start.

    1. For me it did take 6 months to make a difference and it was not huge or way bigger than other platforms but i do get daily traffic and it is great.

  4. I have basically ignored Pinterest but I feel like I should give it some love. I’m just not sure my blog would benefit from it being mostly days out locally. I feel like I should have a go though!

    1. It’s tough and really has a lot to do with niche which platform is best to focus on. I expect facebook would be great for you?

  5. This is a great post and reminding me that I need to go through my old posts and also get on Pinterest more! xo

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