Building an Extension at My Parents

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In a few weeks, my family moves in with my parents. This is going to be a long term permanent change and one which is so very exciting. Mum and Dad are home owners, we are not and so the plan is for us to support my parents and help one another over the coming months and years.

One of the exciting things we plan to do is build an extension. When we first arrive we are going to live in the a small living space which was created about 20 years ago as part of the the garage conversion. It has one sleeping area, one living space and a bathroom. It will be a tight squeeze for a while but the long term goal is to build an extension with three bedrooms and a kitchen / living area where we can chill out when we need our own space and of course a room to blog and create recipes from.

Saving for an Extension

For the past few years we have been saving to move to my parents and once we get there we will need to continue saving so we can start the extension plans. We aim to have the space complete within one year, fingers crossed. Sylvia is excited as she will get to choose her own paint and colours for her room and she wants a wooden floor with a rug and no carpet.

Choosing Stairs for Our Extension

Currently you have to go outside and go down some concrete stairs to get to the living quarters we will be staying in. That’s great but at night time it can be dark and dangerous and in wet weather the stairs get slippy. I have fallen down those stairs a few times in the past and it’s not something I plan to do again.

The solution for us will be to build internal stairs in the new extension which will go down to the garage area. This will be a great thing and will connect the whole house together. In fact, I’ve been looking on pinterest and on different websites for different staircase ideas and we’ve seen a few different styles that would work well in Mums house.

A Strong Sturdy Staircase

Ideally we will get a strong and sturdy wooden staircase with a good rail which will make getting up and down easy for me, especially as I have mobility issues at times. I would love a staircase design with a continuous handrail. That would look great and be practical at the same time.

I’d also like to get a closed tread stair case as that is the best type for when visitors come to stay including small children.

Built in Wardrobes

Another key feature I’d like in Sylvia’s room is a built in wardrobe. I think that would be fantastic, especially with sliding mirror doors. Sylvia loves to cosplay and wear different costumes and wigs and as a teenager she loves to be able to use a large mirror.

Having storage space that can be closed off would be ideal and a great way to store all her clothing. It’s kind of exciting being able to choose your own designs and that’s certainly something we want to incorporate into our design.

Plans for the Future

So the plan is to keep on packing our belongings this week as Allied Pickfords are coming to collect our items and transport them to my parents. Once we get to mum and dad’s we will get saving and preparing for the dream extension and hopefully by the end of next year it will all be complete.

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