Nerf Rukkus Ics-8 N-Strike Elite Review

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Last week we were sent the new Nerf Rukkus ICS-8 N-Strike elite to test out. My husband and daughter have always had fun playing with nerf guns from Hasbro and testing out this new 8 clip Nerf gun was a highlight for both John and Sylvia. 

Nerf Rukkus ICS-8 N Strike 

The Nerf Rukkus ICS-8 N Strike is a great fun nerf gun for kids over the age of 8 years. Designed for long distance shooting this fun dart shooter can be used as part of a nerf war or as target practice in the garden! 

A Basic Hasbro Nerf Gun 

This Hasbro Nerf Gun has a 8 dart indexing clip which allows the player to pump the clip and fire up to 8 times before having to reload. That’s much better than a previous nerf gun we had which needed reloading much sooner. 

A Great Hasbro Nerf Gun For Nerf Wars

Although I don’t personally like to get involved with the Nerf wars that go on in the home, I must admit my husband and daughter love to shoot at each other and have fun whenever they use Nerf guns. 

The Nerf gun has a harmonica style clip which is easy to load and this Nerf gun comes with 8 darts. The gun design looks great and has slam fire capabilities. 

We were pleased with this Hasbro Nerf Gun. The Rukkus ICS -8 is available from stores such as Argos, Smyths and on Amazon. The gun retails for around £12.99 and is a great addition to any Nerf Gun collection. 

*We were sent this item for the purpose of review*

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