Disney Brave Bear Paper Craft and Template

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Disney Brave Bear Paper Craft And Template

Today on Craft Play Learn I am sharing this super fun paper craft based on the Disney movie Brave. If you’ve watched Brave you will know the story is set in Scotland and Princess Merida of DunBroch gives cake to Queen Elinor which turns her into a bear.

Here is a fun bear paper craft and it goes hand in hand with our super fun Merida paper craft too! Enjoy.

When Was Brave Released?

The Disney movie Brave was released in 2012 and is a fun movie to watch with the kids.

Supplies Needed for This Brave Bear Craft


How to Make This Disney Brave Christmas Craft

Begin by downloading your free Disney brave bear template. Be sure to follow the instructions and print out the template on the different colored card stock.

Once the bear pieces are cut out they are ready to be glued together. Cutting and gluing is a fantastic activity for kids.

It can help them to develop fine motor skills and develop confidence whilst being creative and enjoying art.

Once the pieces are glued together add glue to the ears of your bear ready to sprinkle glitter on the ears.

Finally, attach a string to the back of the Mickey’s head if you want to make this paper craft into an ornament.

Your lovely Dinsey Brave themed craft is now complete. I really hope you love this craft and have fun making it with the little ones. We have many fun Disney themed paper ornaments and you could make a whole Disney themed tree. Wouldn’t that be fun!

Download Your Brave Bear Template Here!

Yield: 12

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