2 Unique Boucle Sofa Styles for Bohemian Flair

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Bohemian interior design originates from the  Bohemian lifestyle of artists, writers, and intellectuals in 19th-century Europe.  It is a vibrant and diverse style that celebrates individuality and creativity. Take a look at what this style is all about and discover why anchoring your living room with plush boucle sofas is the perfect place to start.

Characteristics of Bohemian Style

Bohemian style has many iterations. Rather than being defined by concepts of line or color, this is a design style that is true to a few key principles:

  • Texture: Bohemian style is tactile in nature, making boucle sofas a perfect fit.
  • Layers: This style embraces layering of color, elements and texture. 
  • Organic elements: Bohemian style includes natural fibers such as wool, cotton or silk, and materials like sisal, rattan and aged wood.
  • Comfort: There is nothing fussy or precious about this style. 
  • Dichotomy: A key element of Bohemian style is mixing and matching. 
  • Personality: Rather than expressing an aesthetic or design concept, Bohemian decor reflects who you are. 

Bohemian interior design celebrates individuality, creativity, and comfort, with an emphasis on personal expression and a connection to nature.

Variety in Bohemian Interior Design

There have been several versions of the Bohemian style through the years: however, two prevailing forms of Bohemian design styles remain dominant.

Style #1: Traditional Bohemian

This is the version of Bohemian that most people think of when they picture this type of decor. The color palette in traditional Bohemian style is saturated and vibrant. Wood tones are often dark with a definite patina of age. Frequently there is a global element, with Ikat patterns, oriental rugs and Suzani pillows. 

Although saturated color is integral to traditional Bohemian decor, it can easily become chaotic. It’s best to anchor the room with neutral colors on walls and large pieces of furniture. Boucle sofas are often ivory in color and their nubby texture suits this style perfectly.

Style #2: Modern Bohemian

For those who love the neutral palette of the modern style, but find it a bit too cold, the modern Bohemian aesthetic might be the answer. This style captures the texture, layers and comfort of the Bohemian look, but with cleaner, contemporary lines and a muted, natural color scheme. It is reminiscent of the coastal or Scandinavian style but with a lot more personality.

Stylish and Affordable Furnishings

Indulging in your Bohemian style can both be stylish while it doesn’t break the bank. Embrace the boucle texture and layer up on the cozy comforts. Keep in mind the qualities of a Bohemian style to make your next big furniture purchase.

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