Be More Eco-Friendly at Home With These 5 Eco-Living Tips

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All of us need to be a little more eco-conscious. But when you’re a busy parent with a hectic schedule, it’s easy to choose convenience over environmental impact. Most of us are happy and willing to do our bit to look after the planet, after all, we only have one! However, many families struggle to know where to begin. 

Thankfully, eco-living doesn’t have to be difficult or mean giving up the things you love. It doesn’t even have to cost the Earth – literally! Being kinder to the planet often means being kinder to your wallet too. Here we’ll explore how you can be more eco-friendly at home with these 5 eco-living tips.

Switch to Led Lighting

The environmental benefits of LED lighting are well documented. You’ll find an incredible range of LED lighting ideas and solutions including LED festoon strings, bulbs, strip lighting and more at, just click the link. When compared to traditional incandescent and compact fluorescent lights, LED lighting always comes out on top. With a longer life, you’ll have to change your LED bulbs less often. LEDs also require less energy to power per unit which means lower greenhouse emissions. So, you can have a stylish, well-lit home, complete with lower energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint – the switch just makes sense!

Switch to Paperless

Junk mail and piles of letters every week, including monthly statements, bills and advertising are bad for the environment. You can do your bit for the environment and reduce paper waste by switching to paperless on all your accounts and receiving promotional material via email. It’s much easier to press “delete” online than it is sifting through all that junk mail that comes through the letterbox!

Remember to Save Water

We’re all guilty of taking clean water for granted, so we must talk to our children about conserving as much of it as possible. Ask your children to turn the tap off whilst brushing their teeth, and not to take long showers in the morning. Ask them to not empty a glass of water and then simply refill it again because they want a “fresh” cup. Make sure everyone in your family is on the same environmentally friendly page. 

Try to Pick Plastic-Free Products

It’s not always easy, but when you’re shopping for groceries always opt for produce that is loose and not covered in plastic. Invest in some fruit and vegetable bags and a reusable bread bag so you don’t have to pick up those fresh loaves wrapped in film. Reusable supermarket bags are a great idea, however, they’re still made of plastic, so where possible opt for a fabric version – they’re easier to wash too.

And Finally, Shop for Sustainable Clothing

As a parent, you’ll know that your children get through clothes pretty quickly. Whether they’ve grown out of their clothes due to a growth-spurt or they’ve worn through the knees or lost buttons and broken zips. Knowing how to mend clothing will not only save you money but also stop more fabrics and textiles heading to landfill. Consider shopping second hand and when you do purchase something new, choose something of a higher quality so it’ll last longer and be kinder to the environment. 

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