Bat Books to Read With Kids This Halloween

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With Halloween around the corner, you may wonder why certain animals have become associated with the holiday. I mean why do kids not dress up as snails or slugs? When Halloween comes around people tend to think of bats and bat books! But Why?!

Well, bats are associated with vampires. Not all bats, but the Vampire bats. Vampire bats feed primarily on blood making them kind of spooky. These Vampire bats are how bats became associated with Halloween.

With that being said, learning about and reading about bats is something that is not only educational but a fun way to incorporate Halloween into education!


The Best Kids Bat Books

Bats in the Band

This is a cute fictional book about bats singing. A fun way to use this would be to compare these bats with real bats showing the differences.

Little Bat: Finger Puppet Book

This is the perfect book for preschool-aged children. You could make bat puppets to go along with the story. Check out these Halloween Bat Crafts.

A Little Brown Bat Story (Wildlife on the Move)

Through a fun narrative, kids learn about brown bats’ behaviors, habitats, and survival skills. This is a great way for kids to learn about different types of bats.

Bat Loves the Night: Read and Wonder

If you are looking for a way to teach kiddos why bats are out at night, this bat book is the perfect way of explaining it.

Bats: Beautiful Pictures & Interesting Facts Children Book About Bats

This is one of my favorite of all the bat books. It teaches kids all kinds of fun facts about bats without boring them to death.

The Magic School Bus Going Batty: A Book About Bats

In addition to reading this book, you can watch the TV show as well. Ms. Frizzle makes learning about bats fun and educational.


Stellaluna is one of my all-time favorite bat books. It’s not only a great book at teaching children about bats, but it shows the importance of family and knowing where you came from to truly understand why you are the way you are.

Bats at the Ballgame

Bats swinging a bat?! This is a fun way to teach kids about homographs! These words may be spelled the same, but mean two different things.

Hello, Bumblebee Bat

If you want to do a poem unit, this is a great book for it. It’s written just like a poem.

Good Night, Bat! Good Morning, Squirrel!

Kids can learn about different animals. Just like people who work third shift say good night at different times, so do animals.

Little Red Bat

One type of bat is the Red Bat. These bats migrate during the winter, and in this story, little Red Bat doesn’t know if he should stay or go.

Bats: An Illustrated Book for Kids

One thing kids love is science! This book is a great way to teach kids about bats in a scientific way.

The Secret Life of the Little Brown Bat

This book would be a great one to read with Little Red Bat. You could compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the two types of bats and the two stories.

Bats Around the Clock

Who says bats can’t teach time? This fun little rhyme makes learning time a breeze. Put on your dancing shoes and learn how to tell time with these bats around the clock.

The Curious Bat and the Rainbow

Of course, a bat wouldn’t be out when a rainbow is out, but this story is a great way to figure out exactly what kids know about bats.

Zipping, Zapping, Zooming Bats

Included in this book you will find a simple plan for building a backyard bat house! This is a great way for kids and parents to spend some quality time together.


His mother is sending him off in the world alone. Just like boys and girls, bats must grow up and take what they have learned in life to soar.

The Case of the Vanishing Little Brown Bats: A Scientific Mystery)

Where did all the little Brown Bats go?! Find out in this scientific mystery.

Bats at the Beach

When it comes to education, imagination is always a step in the right direction. This fun bat book is sure to strike up imagination and creativity.

I Am Bat

Young readers will love this book. With simple sentences and words, this book is perfect for beginning readers.

National Geographic Readers: Bats

If you have some older kids that want to learn more about bats, this National Geographic will tell them everything they want to know!

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What do you think about this list of bat books? Share your favorite book in the comments below!

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