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Sacrifices For A Greater Purpose

Yesterday I got my hair done for the first time in over a year. The reality is I’ve been unwell for so long and each time I booked to get my hair dyed and cut, I felt too unwell or too exhausted to follow through with the appointment. It’s also been the last thing we could afford on our current budget.


However, I promised myself I’d get my hair done in time for my birthday on Thursday and the chances are I could be too unwell all week so when I finally had the opportunity I took the plunge and visited the hairdressers.

angela milnes

My life has been one massive roller coaster. I have experienced many difficulties and the most recent one being chronic health issues. It’s taken over three years to get the medication I needed to get my adrenal health stable and with that has come sacrifices especially financial ones.

I fundraised around £320 towards my private treatment and then we have paid over £5000 ourselves and taken out a loan, leaving little room for anything like a hair cut. I’m still paying the loan off and I’m currently fighting hard to get my monthly medication costs funded by the NHS. It’s not an easy process but I have a goal to get this sorted at some point in 2017.

The adrenal pump really has stabilised my health and I’ve had zero hospital admissions since going on the pump in June compared to 22 hospital visits and admissions in the previous 24 months. The adrenal pump is a major blessing to me and my family and hopefully the NHS will recognise this. Having treatment funded by the NHS will surely save them thousands in the long term.

Being a blogger is such a blessing, without it my daughter would not have many nice clothes or get the toys or opportunities she does. We simply could not afford it.

Blogging has enabled me to improve my health, qualify for a loan, pay for private health care and give opportunities to my family even while sick. Whilst my adrenal Insufficiency is doing well and my human growth hormone deficiency is under control,  I am currently having issues with my vitamin levels. I’m currently vitamin D, B12, Iron, Folate and Zinc deficient and that is zapping all the energy from me and making it so so difficult to concentrate.

I’m struggling to be productive and promote my posts how I’d like to so for now I will focus on writing them and getting them out.

My main priority now is to replenish all my vitamin stores and get to my optimum health. My weight loss goals, (whilst still important) are on hold as I focus on the more important things. So I’m working on me. I’ve finally got my hair done nice. I needed to, a lot of it has fallen out recently due to my zinc deficiency.

I plan to shape my eyebrows soon, (I love Indian eyebrow threading- It’s so cool and I’ve not done that in a year either) and then I am going to work on strengthening my hair and nails. I;ve had a lot of hair drop out in the past fortnight.

Luckily I hit the jackpot when it comes to health reviews and I am being sent some nutritional conditioning shampoo to help strengthen my hair and I have just received some lovely nail products to review that strengthen and build nails. I’m going to start Vitamin B12 injections and have all my supplements organised to try and improve my body.

Despite the feeling that I am falling apart physically, I am getting stronger emotionally. I have fought long and hard to get to the point I’m at. I have made sacrifices financially and physically, especially having this gastric bypass but I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve fought to get where I am and I’m proud of how far I’ve come.

I really appreciate my followers and those who support me on my journey to better physical and emotional health. It’s been a challenge. I used to hate my situation and all I was going through. I used to wish I was different and did not have to face these challenges but my challenges have shaped me into the person I am and I now love who I am because I have fought to become the Angela of today.

With that said, I am sharing my quote of the week.

Angela x

self worth