Why I Collect Doterra Oils

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Well, today I just wanted to share my excitement about the DoTerra oils that I have been collecting. I have to admit a year ago I didn’t know too much about essential oils and the benefits of aromatherapy however I’ve been learning so much over the past few months and I have found a new passion which I’m excited to share here on The Inspiration Edit.

Why I Collect Doterra Oils

I love to collect DoTERRA essential oils and have been building my collection for 4 months now now. I love so many of the different oils. I enjoy diffusing the oils, massaging them into the body and skin and using them to help better manage my chronic health conditions. 


Whilst oils won’t cure me from my Adrenal Insufficiency, they certainly help me to relax and they have positive benefits on my body.

The smell of oils have a positive effect on my senses and helps in so many different ways that I can’t imagine life without them. 

I’ll begin by sharing my current top 10 Essential Oils and what I am using them for. 

doterra essential oils

My Top Ten Doterra Oils

Bearing in mind that I have only been collecting oils for 4 months now, I have found my favourite 10 essential oils to this point and here they are:

Lemon Essential Oil

I love the fresh smell of Lemon oil. This has to be my number one oil and after a few months my first oil to run out was my DoTerra Lemon oil. (Luckily it’s one of the cheaper oils to buy and I ordered a new one). 

I enjoy diffusing Lemon in my essential oil diffusor. It really makes the room smell fresh. However my favourite way to use lemon is to add it to a spray bottle and use it for cleaning. 

Lemon oil is energizing and uplifting. When I feel down I can use lemon oil to help boost my mood. Lemon has several health benefits. It is a great antiseptic and disinfection with anti-fungal properties and I recently used it to clean out our fridge! 

Doterra Lemon Essential Oil

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

I do love the smell of Ylang Ylang oil. This oil has a sweet fruity scent which I first smelt at oils club in February. Ylang Ylang is said to be a relaxant and can also evoke positive emotions.

I made an essential oils spray for our bed sheets and pillows using Ylang Ylang and a few other oils and the smell is divine. 

I love the smell of Ylang Ylang and so does my daughter Sylvia. She likes to spray it onto it her pillow before she sleeps. Ylang Ylang certainly does help to boost my mood and gives me husband a boost in energy so I diffuse it in his office area before I ask him to help me with chores. (It works wonders). 

doterra ylang ylang essential oil

Frankincense Essential Oil

I love Frankincense. I love the smell and the fact it is an oil that helps you to feel balanced and grounded. Frankincense can really help boost the mood when feeling depressed or low. 

Frankincense is great for the skin and I do like to roll the oil onto the bottoms of my feet when I am having a bad day. It helps me to feel calmer and at peace. 

Frankincense is said to be the King of oils and is a great enhancer, meaning if you blend it with other oils it can help boost the effect of the oils it is used with. 

Doterra Frankincense essential oil

Rosemary Essential Oil

I suffer from regular headaches and over the past 4 months I’ve been using different oils to find what can help reduce my headache symptoms. I’ve tried peppermint and a few other oils but they were not very effective for me. 

When I researched, I found that Rosemary had been used in tradition folk medicine to alleviate headache symptoms and I am pleased to say for myself it really does help me. 

Whilst it doesn’t cure my headache, rosemary oil combined with carrier oil really does help reduce the pain I feel in my head. 

Doterra Rosemary Essential Oil

Deep Blue Essential Oil

Deep Blue is a special blend by DoTerra and it’s a fantastic oil for muscular pain that works every time for me.

Both my husband and I use Deep blue the same way we would use a muscle rub. The oil relaxes the muscles and helps reduce the pain we feel. 

John has had knee pain for years and now he uses the deep blue oil regular and it really does help him to manage the pain much better. 

I love deep blue on my shoulders and neck as it both relaxes my muscles and soothes pain. 

Doterra Deep Blue Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Oil has so many benefits and for me I love how it helps me with my asthma. I’ve always had asthma since being a child and I love how Peppermint oil can help open up my airways. 

When I am wheezy or struggling with asthma, I can place a drop of peppermint in the roof of my mouth and take deep breaths. It really does help me to calm my breathing down and reduce my wheeze naturally. 

I also love to add Peppermint oil to chocolate. It’s a fun activity and I made little peppermint drops with my daughter. They tasted amazing. 

Doterra Peppermint Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Oil has so many benefits including the ability to help my daughter to relax and go to sleep. I like to diffuse lavender at bed time, put lavender into my daughter’s bath and use the oil to help the bedtime routine. 

When I roll lavender topically onto my daughters feet and massage it in, she will fall asleep super fast and stay asleep. 

I have a lavender and water spray which I recently used on Yoda our dog following his operation. He was really unwell and the lavender oil helped him to feel calm and relaxed. It worked wonders. 

Doterra lavender Essential Oil

Melaleuca Essential Oil

The benefits of Melaleuca oil is amazing to me. Also known as tea tree oil, Melaleuca has great anti-fungal properties and I’ve been able to use this oil to clear up an ongoing issue that I’ve had over the past few years. 

I had visited my GP many times regarding repeated fungal infections under my breast and I simply could not clear it up. In fact I was on steroid cream for two years which helped clear up the infection slowly but never got rid of the problem. 

Using a combination of Melaleuca, spikenard and lavender I was able to remove my fungal infection and keep it away since last year. That is so so important to me as infections affect my adrenal insufficiency. I’m just so happy to be infection fungal free after so long. 

Doterra Melaleuca Essential Oil

Clove Essential Oil

Clove oil has been a life saver to me over the past year. I’ve had ongoing dental problems and have used clove oil to help numb my gum and tooth pain. 

Following my tooth extractions, the clove oil has really helped to numb pain especially when I developed a dry socket. It didn’t take the pain away completely but certainly reduced how bad things were.

I don’t particularly like the taste of clove oil and it can sting when I pop it onto the gum but the benefits and pain relief I get from clove oil outweighs any temporary taste and I’ve kind of gotten used to it. 

In fact, I am planning to use clove oil more regular with my toothpaste as it is great for oral health and will benefit my teeth and help reduce any germs in my mouth. 

Doterra Clove Essential Oil

Wild Orange

I absolutely love the smell of Wild Orange. I do think I enjoy citrus oils the most and just like Lemon, Wild orange has a really positive effect on me. I’ve heard people call it the happy oil or the oil of laughter as it can boost the mood really well. 

Whenever my daughter gets upset or feels sad, I tell her to have roll some wild orange on her wrists and it works every time. It helps her to cheer up and has the same effect on me. 

I love to diffuse Wild orange in the day or first thing in the morning as it is an energising oil and gives me and my daughter a boost. I won’t use wild orange at night as it will makes me alert and that’s not the effect I’m looking for at bed time. It’s a fantastic oil for me in the day. 

So these are my favourite oils at the moment. There are so many more I would like to buy over time and try out. Essential oils are and aromatherapy is great for emotions and feelings but there are so many other good benefits and I am looking forward to getting different oils which I can blend together for different uses. 

I read about a tension blend of oils which can help with stress and headaches and I look forward to collecting all the oils for this blend and trying it out. 

I’m also wanting to make a blend of oils which can help with fatigue. I am excited to grow my collection and experiment more. Essential oils are quite fun to use and learn about and I really am looking forward to experimenting some more and improving my health one step at a time. 

Angela x

Why I Collect DoTerra Oils

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