Curious About Alternative Medicine? Read to Know Some Facts About Crystal Healing

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Crystals have been used in ancient forms of medicine by priests and mystics since time immemorial. Although numerous medical sources have dismissed the gemstones’ efficacy on medical terms, proponents believe they contain several healing properties.

From aiding meditation to spreading positive energy, the benefits appear to be endless. Those alert to the practices beyond the realms of science are often required to reveal their judgments and justification to their clients or followers.

The pseudoscientific practices often rely on the placebo effect to aid medical treatment of their ailments. Using gemstones on the chakras is also an effective form of practicing self-care. Read ahead to find out some facts about crystal healing.

1. Crystals Help Channelize Energy Levels

According to crystal healing experts, the stones can act as a powerful magnet when in touch with the body. When placed on the chakras, the gems can allow positive energy to flow into the body and negative energy to flow out.

Alternative therapy aims to heal the body from the inside. The healing rocks and crystals have their particular vibration and frequency. Believers can choose to wear crystal healing bracelets, amulets, or other jewelry pieces with suitable stones.

2. Suitable Gemstones Can Initiate a Placebo Effect

Since the crystals are all naturally extracted, they draw a lot of energy from the sun, moon and oceans.

The natural-healing energies help to improve the user’s state of mind. When used in a certain way and for reasons like meditation or yoga, it helps improve your concentration and creativity.

When paired with crystal therapy, medical treatment induces the placebo effect and promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual cleansing.

Crystal healing practitioners know the right tools like aromatic essential oils to allow for positivity and faster recovery.

3. Crystals Vibrate at the Same Pitch as Humans

When a wearer wears the right crystal, the stone vibrates at the same pitch as them, and it allows for the smooth flow of blood throughout the body, which releases knots and relieves tension.

It helps the user to connect better with the surroundings and be at ease. Placing crystals on the chakras can help match the misaligned energy levels.

Meditation when focusing on a crystal emanates positivity and prepares both the body and mind for future difficulties. One can consult with an expert to get the right healing rock to heal themselves naturally.

4. Crystal Therapy Is Ancient

Although now there are celebrities like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and many more ardent followers of crystal healing, natural rocks have been in use for medical, spiritual and religious reasons for a thousand years.

The ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese, Mughals and others have long used semi-precious stones like quartz, moonstone, emerald, etc., to treat diseases, ward off evil and harness power. Earlier, many kings and queens like Cleopatra used to rely on these stones to retain their power and health.

5. Crystals Have to Be Cleansed and Pre-arranged With Intentions

When stones are bought from a store or person, they necessitate cleansing any past intentions, touches or energies.

Talk to your crystal healing expert, and they can instruct you with some necessary steps like meditation to get your stone readied with your intentions of use.

A clean stone has enhanced performance.

Chakras and Crystals

Crystals can balance the 7 chakras. A stone that is in sync with your mind and body can help to restore harmony. You can use crystal therapy but without overlooking your medical needs.

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