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Today I wanted to share some fun ideas for a cactus themed room for kids. I like to follow the trends and recently Murals Wallpaper released some fantastic new Cactus themed papers which I think are just smashing. 

Today I’ll be sharing some fantastic Cactus themed items which would be perfect for your cactus themed bedroom. 

A Cactus Themed Bedroom For Kids

A cactus bedroom for kids would be perfect for a child’s bedroom, playroom or nursery. However, it would even come in handy as a quirky option for the fun living adult. If you want to spice up a room and turn it into a cactus theme, here are some great ideas!

cactus bedroom

Cactus Wallpaper

The paper I love the most from the collection is the watercolor cactus paper which can inject some of that Southwest-chic right onto your walls. I really like the idea of watercolors on a wallpaper.

It can really add something special to a room and set the scene for an amazing interior design.

I could just picture this paper in a play area or as a backdrop for a quiet reading corner in a nursery or school.

 quirky wallpaper

The green and yellow Cactus wallpaper would also match a nursery room setting with whites and yellow tones and I could imagine this giving some quirkiness and spark to a cactus themed room.

cactus quirky wallpaper

Spunky Cushions For Your Cactus Bedroom

I’ve also picked out a few Cactus themed cushions which would complement the wallpaper in your Cactus bedroom.

I think they are super cute. What do you think?




Did you know you could get lamps that look like cacti? Neither did I, but they would be a fun addition to any cactus themed room. Lamps are great for end tables, book nooks, and even on top of a dresser. Here are one of my favourites from Amazon: Cactus Lamp Table.

Cactus Bedroom Stuff

If you want to turn a bedroom or nursery into a cactus themed bedroom, you may want to think about cactus clothes bins, comforter sets, or sheets. You could even try DIY cactus decor and have a go at making your own cactus themed items. 

I really loved finding things to create a cactus room. What other ideas do you have?

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Cactus themed room