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Today I wanted to share some fun ideas for a cactus themed bedroom. I like to follow the trends and recently Murals Wallpaper released some fantastic new Cactus themed papers which I think are just smashing.

The paper I love the most from the collection is the watercolour cactus paper which can inject some of that Southwest-chic right onto your walls.

A Cactus Bedroom For Kids

This would be perfect for a child’s bedroom, playroom or nursery. 

It would even come in handy as a quirky option for the fun living adult.

cactus bedroom

I really like the idea of watercolours on a wallpaper.

It can really add something special to a room and set the scene for an amazing interior design.

I could just picture this paper in a play area or as a backdrop for a quiet reading corner in a nursery or school.

cactus quirky wallpaper

The green and yellow would also match a nursery room setting with whites and yellow tones and I could imagine this giving some quirkiness and spark to a room.

cactus quirky wallpaper

I’ve also picked out a few Cactus themed cushions which would complement this wallpaper.

I think they are super cute. What do you think?


Cactus cushions