Nursery Room Wallpaper Ideas

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Are you looking for a fun theme for your nursery room? Nursery rooms are super fun to decorate, and with Hovia Wallpaper, they are super easy. 

nursery room wallpaper for little ones

Nursery Room Wallpaper

Today I’m sharing some new Nursery room ideas in terms of wallpaper. I really do love wallpaper especially cute wallpaper and I love to share fantastic styles and ideas which I find online. These lovely designs are from Hovia Wallpaper.

nursery room wallpaper ideas

Maurice the Monkey Wallpaper

I’m not sure what your favorite animal is but for me as a child I always loved Monkeys. I was given a monkey on the day I was born. His name is Monkey George and I still have him 34 years later. So for me I absolutely love the Maurice the Monkey wallpaper with it’s soft, neutral palette.

nursery room wallpaper ideas

Bearnie the Bear Nursery Room Wallpaper

The Bearnie Bear mural is also cute. I really like the dots in the background. They are not too noisy and create a sweet and stylish look. I can imagine pairing the bear and monkey murals in one room. This could look great.

nursery room wallpaper ideas

Bus With Safari Animals Nursery Room Wallpaper

Although I am a huge fan of neutral tones and colors, I am a fan of bright and colorful and so this bus mural featuring all the safari animals and on the fun town bus is a huge winner in my eyes.

I could see this in a Nursery room or play center. This colors are bright and it would  add a great pop of color to any Nursery.

nursery room wallpaper ideas

Larry the Lion Nursery Room Wallpaper

For each adorable critter or animal there are two mural options, either the large wall Mural or the peekaboo mural with shapes below. I really do like Larry the Lion and the cute triangle pattern below.

nursery room wallpaper ideasv

Peek-A-Boo Nursery Room Wallpaper Mural

A lion themed wall paper mural could really work well in a home Nursery and the tones and palette would go great with a white cot or cream rug.

nursery room wallpaper ideas

Ellie the Elephant Wallpaper FOR THE NURSERY ROOM 

If your looking for something more girly, you may like to go with Ellie Elephant who had pink tusks.

nursery room wallpaper ideas

I think the Ellie Elephant wallpaper Mural would go so well with pink bedding and blankets, creating a cozy but dreamy nursery interior.

nursery room wallpaper ideas

Peek-A-Boo Bernie the Bear

Last but not least is the peekaboo wallpaper option for Bearnie Bear. The neutral tones would open up space for a yellow room and this could be ideal for parents wanting to set up a room when your not sure whether your baby is going to be a girl or boy. Yellow is a gender neutral color and could work well for both boys and girls.

nursery room wallpaper ideas

So which is your favorite style? Which wallpaper would you choose for your home Nursery and which for a play center?

I think my all time favorite has to be Ellie the Elephant.

nursery room wallpaper ideas

If you liked these murals, please pin them to Pinterest. Also, check out some of my other wallpaper favorites!

nursery room wallpaper ideas

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  1. Love the elephant! So cute. Sweet that you have still got your childhood teddy. I was given an elephant toy on the day I was born and I still have it too!

  2. Yes these Mural Wallpapers are a very inspiring idea for childrens nurseries and bedrooms. My favourite has got to be the red bus as its bright and more interesting because of the different characters visible inside the bus. Great!

  3. Love these mural wallpaper ideas, particularly the one with the giraffe on the bus. We didn’t have a massive budget for our nursery room so we did most of it ourselves and bought very little. One thing we did buy though were some wall stickers to add the finishing touches to the walls we decorated. We found a great range of nursery accessories which would add some great touches to any nursery!

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