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Iconic Children’s Wallpaper You Will Love

Since I was a child I have always loved design. In fact I used to create little studios from card board boxes almost like a dolls house and find materials to decorate the rooms. By the time I was 12, I had styled my first bedroom. I bought themed curtains, bedding and a lampshade and was about to start on the wallpaper when my family moved to New Zealand.

Moving to New Zealand was massive for me. We travelled to London beforehand to apply for citizenship, (my mum is a Kiwi) and went sight seeing around London City. Once we arrived in New Zealand we had so much to see. We climbed huge hills, Mount Roskill, One tree hill, Mount Eden and the Three Kings. I loved the feeling of being on top of the world and looking down at the cityscape.

When I saw that Murals Wallpaper had designed a chic new collection of children’s wallpaper for kids based on the cities of London, New York, Paris and Amsterdam I absolutely loved it. These are all must see destinations transformed into a toon style town and they certainly reminded me of my childhood and my travels.

The cities featured on the new Murals Wallpaper are carefully designed down to the last detail and they have a block aesthetic which is very chic and admirable.

In 2010, I returned to London with my baby Sylvia. We toured the city and it was fantastic. I’m sure Sylvia would love the London Lifestyle wallpaper mural. I certainly do.

In 2011, We travelled to Amsterdam. We travelled by cruise ship. It was amazing. We docked at Rotterdam and took a coach into the city of Amsterdam. I recall seeing the beautiful buildings, the flowers, the bikes and of course the iconic house which once was the home to Anne Frank. The building was tall just like the buildings in the Murals wallpaper Amsterdam scene.

Sylvia and I also travelled to Paris. She was only 18 months old at the time and we went to see Van Gogh’s art, visit the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. It was an amazing experience and one I shall never forget. Seeing the new Mural wallpaper designs was very nostalgic to me in more ways than one and I love the colours and options that are available. I’m not sure which one I like the best, maybe London because that’s where I travel to the most. How about you?

*This is not a paid post – I simply chose to write about the wallpaper because I chose to*