5 Mattress Styles for Every Type of Sleeper

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There are different sleeping positions and everyone is comfortable with at least one of them. The main ones are front, back, and side sleeping. As the name suggests, front sleepers, basically, lie on their stomach. Side sleepers rely on their shoulders and hips for support, while the other group lies on their back.

So, what’s the essence of knowing your sleeping position? Well, understanding yourself in this regard will help you purchase the right mattress style. Remember, there are many hybrid mattresses currently in the market, but not all of them are ideal for everyone. Check out this review for more information on the same.

Here are different styles of mattresses and their favored types of sleepers:

A woman in a white shirt and jeans in a mattress store. She examines the mattress she wants to buy. She squats and looks at the mattress
A woman in a white shirt and jeans in a mattress store. She examines the mattress she wants to buy. She squats and looks at the mattress

Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are among the most common mattress styles today. Some of the main features that set them apart from other styles are their durability and comfort. Latex mattresses are designed using materials harvested from rubber trees. As such, they’re quite eco-friendly and offer enough support to the user.

Another property of these mattresses is the fact that they rarely give on to pressure, which further explains why they’re among the most durable. But that’s not to say these mattresses are hard as a rock. Instead, they have a bounce-back effect that enhances the user’s comfort.

So, which type of sleepers are favored here? Since side sleepers exert a lot of pressure due to the surface area they cover, latex mattresses are ideal for side sleeping. These products can counter that pressure and still maintain their general shape. Other types of sleepers can also opt for a latex mattress and they’ll still enjoy their night.

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Memory Foam Mattress

Do you enjoy sleeping on your side? If so, then firmer mattresses might be ideal for you. A memory foam mattress is one of those products and, just like latex mattresses, it can resist constant pressure. As mentioned earlier, side sleepers can easily create a ‘valley’ on a soft mattress due to the pressure they exert. 

However, memory foam mattresses are designed to resist such deformation. It contains several layers that ensure it maintains its shape for the longest time possible. At the same time, it provides the user with a very comfortable sleeping environment because of its elasticity. Also, the basic design of memory foam mattresses reduces the need for flipping them occasionally to allow for uniform wear out.

Innerspring Mattress

The design and materials used to manufacture innerspring mattresses make them the best option for back sleepers. The springs installed in these mattresses ensure that the back is effectively supported to correspond to the body shape. These springs are also accompanied by either memory foam, latex, or polyfoam to make your bed feel a little cozier.

This type of mattress has gained more popularity due to its simple, yet classy, design. Innerspring mattresses are also quite affordable for an average user. Although they’re more ideal for back sleepers, a side and front sleeper can also use them. Of course, this will depend on the type of innerspring mattress and the size of the springs used.

Air Mattress

If you’re looking for more ways of enhancing your sleep as a back sleeper, then an air mattress may just do the trick. This is one of the most portable types of mattresses because it can be easily deflated and inflated. 

Once you’ve purchased one for yourself, make sure you go through the manufacturer’s specifications because the deflation and inflation process may vary depending on the model. Most of them, however, rely on electric pumps for inflation, but you must be careful with the amount of pressure used in the process. 

The buoyancy of this mattress is what makes it more comfortable for a back sleeper. A side sleeper, on the other hand, might find it quite uncomfortable, but front sleepers may also use it. 

Water-Based Mattress

Front and back sleeping are the two most favored positions when it comes to water-based mattresses. Instead of cotton or air, these mattresses use water as their supportive mechanism. As you’d expect, these mattresses don’t give in to pressure and regain their shape as soon you get out of bed. 

However, that ‘bouncing’ mechanism might not be ideal for everyone. Therefore, be sure to consider this as you plan to purchase your new mattress. 


Every sleeper has a type of mattress that favors their sleeping position. It’s upon you to understand your preferred position and purchase a mattress that perfectly suits your needs. 

Latex and memory foam mattresses, for instance, are ideal for side sleepers. Front and back sleepers, on the other hand, can opt for water-based or innerspring mattresses. Apart from comfort, it’s imperative that you also consider the affordability of these products.

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