Growth Hormone Injections Four Weeks In

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Growth Hormone Injections Four Weeks In

In December 2015, I was started on Growth hormone injections for Human Growth Hormone Deficiency. I was sent a starter kit in that was home delivered. This included an injecting pen, needles, information booklets, a sharps bin and of course the medication Omnitrope.

I had a specialist Endocrine Nurse come out to see me at the start of December to show me how to inject myself and start me off on the medication. When starting Growth Hormone medication you start on the lowest dose and then after a month or so move up to the next dose. I was started on 0.2mg but will need to go up to 0.4 and so forth.

The nurse appeared to be a know it all. He listed off some symptoms patients with my illness usually have and told me they will disappear and I’ll be feeling better soon. I wasn’t quite so sure. After all, I have more than one condition. The Nurse said in two weeks I’d be a changed person, however, everything I’ve read seems to indicate improvements in symptoms can take several months.

Here is a video about me starting my injections:

I was eager to start my injections as I’ve been growth hormone-deficient for a long time, maybe many many years and I was keen to see some kind of change. The first few days were different. I had serious bone pain like nothing I’d had before. my shins hurt like when you get shin splints. My knees and my thigh bones hurt and I was in real pain. This only lasted about 4 days and then the pain went away. I assume it was my body getting used to something that has been missing for so long.

I then noticed a change in my mornings. For the past few years, I’ve struggled to get up in the morning. Not only do I feel really rubbish, headachy and dizzy until my adrenal steroids have kicked in on a morning, I also feel weakly fatigued and exhausted. Slowly over the first two weeks, I started to feel a slight change. It was nothing big but I found myself able to get up a little easier each morning. I still had other symptoms but I did feel a little more refreshed as I awoke, something I’ve not felt in years.

After four weeks, my energy levels had improved. I am still unwell and exhausted. I still need naps and feel weak but not quite as much as I did before. I am still very brain fogged and need to sleep a lot but there is a difference. it is not as bad as before and I find I can last an extra 10 minutes or so more doing things than I used to.

My Nurse rang after one month to ask me how things are going. I told him, there is a slight change but it’s not significant enough to make me feel well or anything like that. I was then told, it may be like this until I get onto the right dose. However, I can’t change my dose until I see the Endocrinologist who is supervising the treatment.

I’m now used to taking my injection each day. I could inject my stomach easily but I didn’t like injecting my leg but now I’m used to it. I’m hoping that things may improve in another month and once my dose is increased. There is some difference but it is still such a small change I cant say it’s changing my life yet.

So, until my next appointment, I will keep injecting and hope for greater improvement. I hope to see a big change in my muscle pain and weakness. I hope to strengthen my muscles and bones and to lift this fog which makes it so difficult to do simple tasks such as write.

It can take me three times as long to write something like this blog post than it would if i were not unwell and that frustrates me at times. I hope to eventually get a clear mind and be able to do things without the fog and concentration problems.

So that is my update and my experience of the first month. I hope things improve some more. I shall report again in another month.

Here is a video of me taking my injection:

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    1. Thanks. I’m pleased with the small changes. I’ve also not used the wheelchair on every single journey which is amazing. This could changes though as my health fluctuates. Hopefully things are going uphill from here.

    1. Thanks Miranda. Luckily the needles are fine. I hate needles and injections too but over the past two years I;ve had so many it’s become quite a normal thing.

  1. Glad to hear that there is a slight improvement even if it is not a big change at least it is helping you. Your such an inspiration I really feel strength when I read your posts because no matter what you have been through you always remain positive but unfailingly honest.

    1. Thanks Ana. I try to be positive through it all. I have had a day where i’ve cried and been upset though and days where i feel grumpy but I do like to be honest and try to be strong through it all. my motivation is my daughter.

    1. Thanks. I did injections once before when i was doing fertility treatment and ovulation stimulation to have my daughter and during pregnancy diabetes when i had to go on insulin..i got used to that but it was 7 years ago. This is really very similar and now im used to it after a month.

  2. I wish you all the best with your treatment. I too do needles, two, each night so I understand your process. Namaste

  3. Good for you everything is getting improvements, little by little just keep it up, no worries. Just bury in mind It can be treated just be patient and everything will be fine.

  4. Wow, I’m so glad that it has a improvement, that’s good news. I’d like to spread this. Keep positive 🙂

    1. Thanks Nicole, It’s something that may help others going through the same amount in the future. Please do share and spread this to help others.

  5. I am happy to hear you are having some improvement. I hope you will be able to see your Doctor soon so you can start increasing your dosage.. I look forward to your next update.

  6. You are a very strong person Angela and a great inspiration. I have been taking care of patients with chronic illnesses and so much younger than you are and I hope that they have the same strength that you have.

    1. Thanks Tisha. I have become strong and have been through a lot and hopefully through sharing my experiences and staying positive I can help others in similar situations.

  7. Small improvements are still improvements, let’s hope they are cumulative. I will be looking out for your next update and hoping it is positive news.

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