22 Fun Bento Lunchbox Ideas for Kids

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Sylvia and I do love fun food and today we are sharing 22 ideas for Bento Lunchbox meals. Which one do you like best? I do love the Minions lunchbox idea. It is super cute. We also have a post on Dog themed Bento Lunch ideas which you may love.

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  1. Easy Funny Face Bagel Bento Box 

Sometimes, even the simplest of efforts can make a difference when it comes to getting your kid to finish his lunch, and one’s the perfect example. 

  1. Pirate Themed Bento Lunchbox

Teaching your little one about pirates? This pirate themed bento lunchbox idea could be the perfect one for you to try and spark an interest in food in even the pickiest of eaters. 

  1. Hello Kitty Bento Lunchbox

Is your little girl in love with all things Hello Kitty? This fantastic bento lunchbox idea is definitely worth a try- plus, it is super simple too. 

  1. Chicken Taco Bento Lunchbox

You can never go wrong with tacos, and this time, you can get your little one to have them in a bento box. How cool is that?

  1. Olympics Bento Lunchbox

Teaching your little one about the Olympics or getting him into the sportsmanship spirit? This themed bento lunchbox could be a superb idea to get started on.

22 Fantastic and fun bento lunchbox ideas for kids
  1. Bento Lunches Your Kids Will Love

Looking for some fun ways to get your kids excited about lunch? These bento lunch ideas have you covered. Pick from tons of super cool options. 

  1. Bento Box for Vegans

Yes, that’s right. Practising veganism isn’t that difficult anymore, even for your kiddo! Here are some superb bento box ideas for vegans. 

  1. Pepperoni Pizza Bento Box

Kids love pizzas, and that’s exactly what you can use to your benefit! This pepperoni pizza bento box could be your quick fix. 

  1. Bento Box Bear

Creating a healthy and filling school lunch that’s kid approved too can seem like quite a task, but it isn’t! This bento box bear is super easy to make, and your little one will love it! 

  1. Big Hero 6 Bento Box

And here’s a little something that’s super delicious and interesting for your little boy- a bento box lunch that’s not just healthy, but super cool too. 

  1. Hello Kitty Bento Box

Time to go beyond those basic Hello Kitty sandwiches and try something a bit different momma! Here’s a themed bento box idea you’ll love. 

  1. Unicorn Bento Box

Ready to make your kid’s lunch box magical? This unicorn themed one is worth a try! It is super easy to make- all you need is the right cutter and you’re pretty much sorted. 

  1. Minions Bento Lunchbox

Are your kids fans of minions from Despicable Me? Who isn’t? This easy lunchbox idea is themed around just them- your little ones will surely enjoy gobbling down their lunch now!

22 Fantastic and fun bento lunchbox ideas for kids
  1. Ham and Cheese Beach Bento Box

Did your kiddo love the time recently spent on the beach? This beach themed bento box could be the perfect lunch idea for him- plus, it is packed with ham and cheese!

  1. Hotel Transylvania Bento Lunch

How about a spooky movie themed bento lunch for your kid? Give this one a shot! It is Hotel Transylvania themed and we promise, your little one will love it! 

  1. Tackle Box Bento Lunch

Got a tackle box? This bento lunch box idea is definitely worth a try, especially if your little one is a picky eater. 

  1. Halloween Bento Lunch

Whether it is time for Halloween or not, you can never go wrong bringing in some spooky fun in your little one’s lunch, and these themed bento lunch ideas are perfect to get started on. 

  1. Dinosaur Bento Lunch

Dinosaurs are so much fun for little kids to learn about, and with this themed bento lunch idea, you can make the most of it! We’re sure this one’s gonna be a huge hit with your kid! 

  1. Easy Pumpkin Bento Lunchbox

Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween- they can be used to add some ‘wow’ factor to your kid’s lunchbox too! Give this easy pumpkin themed bento lunch idea a shot! 

  1. Marvel’s Avengers Bento Lunchbox

Got a little boy who’s obsessed with Marvel’s Avengers characters? This bento lunchbox idea is super creative, and a great way to get him to finish off his lunch in minutes! 

  1. Bear Bento Lunchbox

Versatile, super easy to make and a complete hit among kids, this bear bento lunchbox idea is another excellent idea you could get started on. 

  1. Minnie Mouse Bento Lunch

Does your little girl love Minnie Mouse? Why not lift her spirits up a bit by secretly making her a themed bento lunch?


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