Thinking of Getting a Pet Snake Here Are a Few Things to Consider

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Snakes may not be as popular as cats or dogs, but they sure are magnificent creatures that are relatively easy to take care of, in fact much easier than dogs for instance. It seems like, over the past couple of years, they’ve increased in popularity.

Now, just because they do not require too much time, effort and attention, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get yourself familiar with some important facts before you obtain one. After all, that’s a living being that has particular needs just like everybody else.

That’s why we’ve decided to help the ones who have decided to have a snake as a pet by providing you with a list of things that have to be considered before making any decisions. Let’s check them out together!

Important Things to Know Before You Buy a Snake

Food It Consumes

If you’re planning to get a snake then you should bear in mind that these creatures love to eat meat, so if you find that appalling then maybe you should either take a different pet or simply toughen up.

Keep in mind that these astonishing beings do not eat just any meat that can be easily found in the grocery store. In fact, they love to devour a rat or mouse. Now, just like humans, some snakes have a tendency to be very picky, so at times, they consume only rats or mice, not both.

This is something that you simply must know upfront, especially if you’re too sensitive, because at the end of the day, pet snakes are not for everyone, and you shouldn’t buy them if you’re not 100% ready. Now, when it comes to their pickiness, if you want to know whether the snake you’re about to purchase is picky or not, you should ask the person you’re purchasing from. It’s better to know right from the start!

Snakes Can Grow Very Long!

At first, you may seem to think that that’s not the case since a majority of young snakes start off quite small, however, as time goes by (depending on the species) they can grow up to several feet long.

Furthermore, there are some species that can weigh over one hundred pounds, however, it takes a couple of years for them to reach this weight. Now, there’s a certain misconception that you can limit their size by placing them in a tiny tank.

Well, that’s not quite the case, hence, before you purchase a snake, make sure to do your homework to see how big a particular species can be. Generally speaking, it would be great if you could provide your pet with a large tank.

This is going to make them feel comfortable and allow them to stretch out normally. One of the best ways to determine the size of the tank is to first approximate the size of your future snake, and then just contact a reptile supply shop to see if they’ve got what you need.

What Else Must Be Taken Into Consideration?

Its Temperament 

Every snake is unique in its own way, hence, before you decide anything, you should first figure out what temperament suits you most. Some of them can be a bit shy and reserved, while there are those that are quite relaxed and easygoing.

For instance, corn snakes are pretty active and love to explore their surroundings. Generally speaking, they are very docile and can be handled for quite some time without becoming too nervous or stressed out.

Due to their calm nature, they can be a perfect choice for newbies who do not have a plethora of experience with these creatures. On the other hand, ball pythons can be very passive. They can be an ideal choice for owners who are not too thrilled when it comes to chasing snakes around.

Furthermore, they love being held or being around the shoulder. Then you have the children’s python that represents the most docile python in the world and is perfect for less experienced snake owners.

What’s interesting is the fact that they’ve gotten their name precisely because of their calm nature. You can easily handle them, in fact, even children can hold them without any fear. That’s how docile they are.

A Long Term Commitment

These reptiles approximately live around fifteen to twenty years, or sometimes even thirty, hence, if you’re not ready to be committed, then maybe you should consider taking something else.

Pets do not always have to be furry and fluffy to make perfect pets. As you can see, having a snake as a pet is not as scary as some may think it is. You just have to follow certain tips and you two can have a great life together.

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