15 Christmas Tree Appetizer Recipes

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Are you looking for a fun Christmas themed Appetizer for Christmas day or your next Christmas party? Look no further today I am sharing a fantastic roundup of super cute Christmas Tree Appetizer Recipes that you’re going to love.

Christmas is such a fun time of the year and as a foodie family we love to create fun and unique food ideas. Here are some amazing Christmas party food ideas that have been curated for you to try. Enjoy!

15 Christmas Tree Appetizer Recipes

Christmas Party Food Ideas

Here are some fantastic Christmas Tree appetizers that are simple and easy to make. I love the cucumber and carrot bites by Grace Hall over at Eats Amazing. They are so cute!

Easy Christmas Appetizers by Arts Crackers

Looking for some easy appetizers to serve to your guests this Christmas? Try these Edible Ornaments and Edible Trees! They’re so easy and won’t break your budget.


Easy Cucumber Christmas Trees A Healthy Party Treat by Eats Amazing

Check this creative and easy way to make your plain crudités into something fun. These Cucumber Christmas Tree will do the trick to draw people’s attention.


Spinach Dip Stuffed Crescent Roll by The Two Bite Club

Here is one creative finger food for Christmas parties. A Christmas tree shaped stuffed crescent roll for everyone to munch on with an easy-to-make spinach dip on the side.


Olive Christmas Tree Appetizer  by Smart Savvy Living

Thinking of a simple and no-cook appetizer? This Olive Christmas Tree is so easy to prepare it would save you a lot of time and energy for the party.

Christmas Tree Pesto Puff Pastry Appetizer by Walking On Sunshine Recipes

This Christmas tree-shaped delicious Puff Pastry makes the best appetizer! Get into the Christmas spirit with this beautiful tasty and delicious pastry.


Easy Holiday Appetizer by Family Fresh Meals

Serve your favorite cheese platter with a twist. Make this easy holiday appetizer by layering some fine cheese, grape tomatoes, and mini sausages into a Christmas tree within minutes.


Roasted Brussel Sprouts by Veggie Desserts

Turn sprouts into everyone’s favorite dish. Try these Roasted Brussel Sprouts for a different kind of taste and perspective.


Christmas Tree Appetizers by Frazzlednfrugal

Worried about what to serve for tonight’s party? Check this simple and easy to make Christmas Tree appetizer. With only 4 ingredients you can relax and worry no more.


Fun Christmas Tree Party Food Ideas

If you’re looking for something different for that Christmas party then why not try a pull apart bread or Christmas tree veggie platter, they are sure to go down well.

Mini Christmas Tree Pizzas by Hello Splendid

For sure the kids would love and enjoy these mini Christmas tree pizzas for snack time. These mini pizzas are so tasty and easy to make!


Savory Christmas Trees by An Italian In My Kitchen

This Savory Christmas Trees will be a big hit with family and friends! Not only they taste good, but they are also delectable.


Christmas Pull Apart Bread by This Sole Mom

Christmas: so many parties to attend, so many guests feed. This pull apart bread will ease your worries for appetizers. They also come with different sauces to choose from.


Christmas Tree Veggie Platter by Melanie Cooks

During the holidays, it’s no secret that we tend to indulge ourselves with “hearty” food. So make sure to balance that with this Christmas Tree Veggie Platter!


Veggie Tree by Alabouroflife

Need to be mindful of your calorie intake this holiday season? Do not worry, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a Veggie Tree for a vegan treat for you to enjoy guilt-free.

Veggie Tree

Holiday Cheese Platter by The Frugal Foodie Mama

Feeling a little fancy this holiday? Serve this fancy (and inexpensive) Holiday Cheese Platter to your next dinner party or wine night with your friends!


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Christmas Tree Appetizer Recipes

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