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My fight for flight in the Headlines

My fight for flight in the Headlines

Yesterday the Chorley Guardian published a Feature full page article on my fight for flight to get the Adrenal Pump and raise awareness for Adrenal Insufficiency.


I really have been fighting hard – not with a sword or a pen but online- in the blogging and social media world to raise awareness for my health condition and to try and get support to raise funds which can help me to improve my quality of life which- let’s face it at times stinks.


If you would like to see the Full Feature Article you can read it here!

I want to get well enough to have a better quality life and spend more time doing what everyday mothers do. I want my daughter to have a healthier mummy and a better family experience. We have dreams and goals and none of these will be possible without a major improvement to my health.

To Read More About My Health Journey Visit The Adrenal Diaries.


    1. Thanks Sarah. I’ve been working on the blog and online but just so burnt out ive not had time to do all I want. I hope to feel a little stronger soon and visit Mom Boss again! 🙂 ANg xx

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