15 Ways to Transform Your Outside Space

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Is your garden looking tired and in need of some TLC, then look no further we have 15 ways you can transform your gloomy outdoor space to a warm and inviting garden. We have tips to suit everyone, regardless of whether you a green-fingered to like a more low maintenance approach. If your garden is big or small, we have covered it all. Enjoy reading our transformation ideas below and we hope it helps get you creative and ready to tackle your outdoor space. 

Tidy up the Edges

Tending to your boundary not only makes your garden look sharper but will also create more space. Out of control hedges and plants will overcrowd your space, make sure you tend to your garden regularly to keep the cost and work down each time. If you want a more low maintenance border, think about installing a fence, this will give a more modern look. You can paint your fence an elegant neutral tone or go crazy with colour, whatever suits your personality the best.

Have a Dedicated Play Area

If you have just spent a load of money on making your garden look nice the last thing you want is it being destroyed. Although many kids are respectful, you still want them to be able to run around and enjoy the outside space. We think you can have the best of both worlds by dedicating a specific area of your garden for your children to play in. You could install a sunken trampoline for fun trampoline flight or make a mud kitchen to keep them entertained.

Combine Indoors and Outdoors

If your living area or kitchen backs onto your garden think about installing some bi-folding door to combine the inside with the outside. Having these doors in the kitchen will create an alfresco feel, try installing similar flooring inside and outside to create the illusion of a larger undefined space.

Lay Artificial Grass

If you like the idea of a low maintenance garden but don’t want to lose the nature vibe, think about laying some artificial grass from a company like artificial grass irvine ca. This will leave your ‘grass’ looking green all year round. You won’t have to hassle with keeping it watered or have to think about mowing it. The only upkeep would be to sweep it every now and then with a stiff-bristled brush.

Plant Flowers

When planting flowers, you should go all out, not planting enough will make your garden look unfinished, but planting too much can lead to overcrowding. Find the right balance, pick an area of the garden you would like to showcase your flowers and layer with a variety of flowers sticking to similar colours. If you aren’t green-fingered, hire a professional gardener to plant them for you and teach you how to take care of your new garden. If you feel like you might struggle to keep your plants alive, go for a more uncomplicated plant, such as succulents. Succulents tend to cope fine without the daily attention but remember to give them a sip of water in the warmer and dryer months.

Exploring the wonderful ideas from your post on transforming outdoor spaces, I was inspired to use a rectangular planter to elevate my garden, bringing both functionality and aesthetic appeal to my newfound paradise.

Create a Patio Seating Area

Having a space to sit and enjoy your garden is a must. Whether it is a large seating area where you can socialise and have a meal together or a small hanging basket chair in a secluded part of the garden where you can take yourself for some peace and quiet, we think every garden should have one. 

You can create a patio area in your garden and add gorgeous outdoor furniture to enhance your time in the garden during the spring and summer months. It’s also ideal to add a patio umbrella to have some shade in the area. Make sure to buy one according to the size of the area you want to have coverage and learn how to keep the patio umbrella from falling over to avoid accidents.  

Refurbish Your Shed

If your garden shed is looking a bit tired, tidy it up by cleaning away any unwanted weed and cobwebs and adding a lick of paint to bring it back to life. If your garden shed is big enough, think about adding some french doors to make it a focal point of the garden. If you are looking to upcycle the space completely think about refurbishing it into a workshop or outside kitchen.

Create a Tranquil Space

If you are hoping for a more relaxed vibe to your garden, think about adding a tranquil area you can go to feel calm. Adding a water feature to your garden can transfer you away to a peaceful state of mind. Hang some bird feeder in a nearby tree to watch and listen to the nature that surrounds you.

Clean up the Deck

After you are done planting and tidying the garden, turn your focus to your decking. Invest in a pressure washer and thoroughly clean the deck. If you haven’t cleaned it in a while, you might notice a colour change, this will transform your outside space, making it look brand new. If your decking surrounds a pool, make sure to check your pool deck drainage for any blockages as you won’t want this overspilling onto your freshly cleaned deck.

Add Some Sparkle

When the evening draws in and the sun sets, make your garden cosy by putting up some fairy lights. Incorporate led lights around the borders and paths and add an outdoor heater for those winter months. 

Install a Water Feature

The sound of water is relaxing to the human ear. If you have a dull looking pond or pool, add a water feature to bring it back to life. If you have fish in your pond, make sure the water you get is fish friendly.

Add Mirrors to Make You Space Feel Bigger

If your outside space is small and dark, add a weatherproof mirror to create an illusion of space and light. Make sure it is secure and frame it with flowers to blend it in. Plant some pretty flowers opposite the mirror so you can enjoy the reflection of your beautiful garden.

Hang Some Window Boxes or Hanging Plant Pots

With a small garden, you have to take advantage of every space you find. Window boxes are a great addition as you can plant anything from flowers to herbs, vegetables or fruit. They can become a great focal point to your garden. Why not make your own personal hanging baskets for when you are short of floor space.

Create Walkways

If you are lucky to have a garden that is big enough to embody a variety of spaces, then make sure you create a walkway that flows throughout your space. Garden paths can also create the illusion of a bigger garden, by adding in a small walkway that curves around your garden.

Build Up

If you don’t have much floor space to work with, add some vertical plants. This means adding greenery to your walls, think about planing some ivy against a fence or a wall, it will act as an anchor for flowers to bloom. We think doing this will give your garden a traditional English garden feel. Do be wary though, once you plant ivy it can grow quickly and be a little tricky to remove.

Bonus Tip – Spend Time Planning

Revamping your garden is a lot of work, make sure you take the time to plan. You might think you don’t have to if your garden is small, but there is still a lot to consider no matter the size of your garden. Hiring a landscaper to help you on larger scale projects is a good idea, but for a personal touch, we recommend a DIY approach, this way you will appreciate your garden more.

If you use at least one of these fifteen ideas we have given you, we think your garden will look fabulous in no time. For tips on how to transform the inside of your home, check out Amazing Ideas to Help Improve the Family Home This Year.

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