13 Cute Fruit Snack Ideas for Kids

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Cute Fruit Snack Ideas For Kids

Spring is here, the sun is shining and my daughter is already beginning to go outside more. In fact, Sylvia has asked for a bike or scooter for her birthday as she would love to play out with her friends who have these items. So I have been looking at bikes and have spotted the perfect one. We shall see if I can afford it for her birthday?

In the meantime, I have been thinking about healthy snacks for Sylvia. I remember playing out with my friends and popping in the house whenever we were hungry. We would look to see what was in the fridge and it was mainly cheese slices and choc ices.

Cute fruit snack ideas for kids

I’ve been thinking I’d like to have a stash of healthy snack food options in the fridge or on the side for Sylvia to nibble on. I really want to promote healthier eating for all the family. I want my daughter to grow up loving fruit and healthy foods more than high processed snacks.

So, I’ve been looking online and today I would like to share some fantastic cute and healthy fruit snack ideas. I’ll begin by sharing our own healthy snack which Sylvia and I created a while back. We made the perfect baby shower watermelon carving. What do you think? Do you like it?

water melon carving

So here are 13 fantastic and cute fruit snack ideas. I hope you like them. We sure do.

Fruit Pizza With Watermelon Crust

Here’s a pizza you surely won’t be guilty of eating. This Fruit Pizza with Watermelon Crust is perfect for a brunch out or picnic with the family.

Orange Jack O Lanterns

Halloween usually means a lot of chocolate for the kids. Make this Orange Jack O Lanterns as an alternative for your Halloween party.


Fruit Rainbow Angel Food Cake

Looking for a fun food activity to do with your kids? This is perfect for you, kids will love decorating and munching on this Fruit Rainbow Angel Food Cake!


Flower Garden Cup Snacks

Getting the kids to eat fruits or vegetables is not easiest so make sure to get creative. With this Flower Garden Cup Snacks, your kids will be munching on these healthy fruits in no time!

kids fruit snacks

Butterfly Snacks for Kids

Make your kids eat healthy snacks with these Butterfly Snacks. This snack has a little bit of everything fruit, peanut butter, and a bit of chocolate that they will surely love.

Dr. Seuss Fruit Stick

Does your kid love Dr. Seuss? If they do or you want to introduce the wonderful Dr. Seuss to them, make them this Dr. Seuss Fruit Stick! These fruit kabobs are simple and oh so tasty!


Under the Sea

Take a trip under the sea with this Mermaid inspired birthday party. This has almost everything, from cupcakes to goodie bags. If you’re planning a sea-themed party, check this out!


Captain America Shield

Who’s your favorite Avengers hero? If you love Captain America, pay homage to him with this fruity Captain America shield. You can also use different fruits depends on your liking.


Orange You a Caterpillar

Spice up your usual fruit bowls by making this Orange You A Caterpillar snack. This orange caterpillar will surely have kids munching on them.

Cute fruit snack ideas for kids

Mini Fruit Pizzas

Fancy some pizza? How about mini fruit pizzas? These mini fruit pizzas are perfect for lunch out or even a road trips with the kids.


Backyard Bug Snacks

Teach your kids about bugs while having fun with these Backyard Bug Snacks. These snacks are so fun and easy to make!


Cute Little Lion

Here’s another cute and appetizing way to serve your kids fruit – Little Lion. These Cute Little Lion fruit snacks will be popular with the kids.


Apple Monsters

Funky Apple Monsters are great for an afternoon snack. Because of its fun looks, kids will have a blast eating it. A great and healthy snack.

apple monsters for halloween
Cute fruit snack ideas for kids

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  1. These snack ideas are completely adorable! I bet you could pair a book with each snack to make a theme. I homeschool my boys and love tying lesson plans together.

  2. fantastic cute and healthy fruit snack ideas. i totally love them and they look picture perfect.

  3. These are too cute! My kids love fruit but struggle sometimes with vegetables (and sometimes with considering fruit a “real” snack, which they probably got from me, the most terrible vegan) so I will give these a try. I think they will love them. I hope…

  4. When it comes to kids, it’s really important that you’re creative with the food that you serve them. These are great ideas! I love the look on their faces when they see this as well.

  5. I so wish I was talented enough to make these, especially since I know my kids would love them. They would probably end up playing with it and end their show by the fruit snack being eaten by a “monster”. Got to love children’s imaginations. And I wish I could make the Captain America shield for my son; he loves Captain America.

  6. Aww these are so adorable! I can’t wait to try this with my kids because they’re picky eaters and so maybe having these fruit snack ideas will help me out!

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