10 Roald Dahl Facts Your Kids Will Love

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Today my daughter came home with a piece of homework. She was asked to write about her favourite children’s book author. Sylvia’s current favourite author is Road Dahl. This led me to share with you these 10 Roald Dahl Facts Your Kids will Love.  This author is so beloved, and these are some of the interesting but fun things you can share with your children! 

roald dahl facts

10 Roald Dahl Facts Your Kids Will Love

If you are like me, you want to encourage your child to read more.  Finding an author that they really enjoy is a must, and I personally, was thrilled that my daughter turned to Roald Dahl as an author she wanted to read.  Projects like hers from school are always nice to see since they too encourage the love of reading.  Below, I will share with you some interesting things to learn about this beloved children’s book author. 

Favorite Roald Dahl Facts to Share: 

  1. Roald Dahl was born on the 13th September 1916 in Llandarr, Cardiff, Wales.
  2. Roald Dahl’s parents were Norwegian.
  3. The book James and the Giant Peach was originally called James and the Giant Cherry.
  4. Roald Dahl wrote The Twits as part of a protest against long beards.
  5. During the second world war, Roald Dahl became a fighter pilot.
  6. Many characters in Roald Dahl’s books were based on characters he met in real life.
  7. He invented over 500 new words throughout his career as a writer.
  8. Roald Dahl wrote a chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which was never published. This chapter was called the vanilla fudge room.
  9. The screenplay Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was penned by Roald Dahl.
  10. Roald Dahl died in 1990. He was 74 years old and was buried with chocolate, HB Pencils, red wine, and his snooker cues.

Roald Dahl

Learning From Roald Dahl

One of the things I love about sharing classic stories with my daughter is that it gives us a chance to share something.  In learning these interesting Roald Dahl facts today, I was able to bond with her in another way.  We can easily discuss things about his life, and even question whether his time flying in the war played a part in how he became more creative on paper.  

Encouraging Your Child to Read

These Roald Dahl facts are just a fun way to get your child interested in reading.  Sharing something unique about an author can often make them feel more real to your child.  As you can see, some of Sylvia’s favourite books are classics that have been turned into movies as well.  If your child is struggling with reading, perhaps you can encourage them to watch the film as well as read the book to learn more.  I love doing comparisons between the two so I see what was left out. 

Well, I hope you found this as interesting as Sylvia and I did.

Angela x

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These 10 Roald Dahl Facts are just what you need to get your kids excited about reading his classic works of fiction! Encourage learning and fun today!


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  1. Ohh! This is interesting. We are big Roald Dahl fans here…
    I didn’t know quite a few of these facts. James and the Giant Cherry just doesn’t sound right. hehehe

    1. Thanks Kim. I’m glad you enjoyed this post. It was fun learning this with Sylvia and why not share her homework here on the blog.. that way we are both learning! He he he

  2. I never knew Dahl died in 1990… I thought it was far earlier than that for some reason! He was an amazing author!

  3. Love Roald Dahl books and looking forward to reading them with my kids too when they are older. I remember being so sad when he died, his books were such a big part of my childhood. Interesting facts, didn’t know that about The Twits! x

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