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My Positive Quotes 365 Day Challenge

During 2016 I saw a number of people setting challenges for the year. These ideas were all fantastic and I felt I’d love to do my own yearly challenge in 2017 so I began thinking about what I might like to do.


Kerry from Oh So Amelia set a money saving challenge to save a certain amount each week which is a fab idea for anyone on a tight budget or with a holiday or special occasion to save for. Louise from Little Hearts Big Love took part in a gratitude challenge each day and another friend of mine vlogged every day for a year.

I decided I wanted to share something daily on my Facebook page which is both positive and inspirational. So I came up with the idea of an inspirational quote. I started on the first of January and so far my quotes have received positive engagement.

I really love designing small graphics. It’s one of the fun parts of blogging which I find therapeutic and enjoyable and so I’ve been having fun creating my quotes for social media. I then decided to share the quotes on twitter and Instagram in addition to Facebook to add some variety to my social media feeds. However my 365 day challenge is only for my Facebook page.

I didn’t even think of sharing my quotes here on the blog but why not. You never know, people could enjoy having  read and a gander. I’m not committing to any regular quote post but for today I’ll be sharing 5 quotes I’ve recently created. I hope you like them as much as I do.

The first quote is about learning to love yourself. Since getting married I have learnt that the more I accept the love my husband offers me the more I feel deserving of it.

I also shared a few quotes on Motherhood and parenting. One is about being the best Mother I can be and another on the role of motherhood. I feel parenting and the opportunity to be a mother is one of the best things if not the best thing to ever happen to me.

The last two quotes are on life’s challenges, overcoming them and having a positive outlook when times may be tough. I hope these are inspiring and you enjoy reading my quotes today.

Angela x

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positive quotes


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