10 Fun Things To Do With Easter Peeps

Okay so until this year I had never heard of Peeps. Peeps are an American Marshmallow kind of treat which are apparently very popular over in the US. As half of my audience are American, I thought I’d create a peeps special. I hope you all like it.

I really do love fun food ideas and I’m quite surprised with myself as I never really realised it until a year or so ago and so I’m trying to share more fun things here on the blog to inspire those of you who love fun food too.

Easter PEEPS

So I hope you like this list and it gives you some create ideas!

1. Mini Bunny Pudding Pie
2. Easter Bunny Snack Mix
3. Nesting Peeps
4. Peeps Easter Pudding Cups
5. Marshmallow Easter Peeps Milkshakes

Here is a fantastic extra: My very own Peeps and Twinkie Tutorial created by a friend to share here on the Inspiration Edit. You can read the full tutorial Easter Peeps Bunny Cars when it comes out in a day or so. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Easter Peeps

6. Chocolate Dipped Chick Peeps
7. Easter Dirt Cake
8. Sunflower Peep Cake
9. Peeps S’mores
10. Peeps Kabobs AND Peeps Krispie Treats

easter peeps

To celebrate Easter I have created a fantastic Easter Bunny Printable for you to use. All you have to do is download the PDF, cut out the bunnies and create your own fantastic treasure hunt.


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Easter Treasure Hunt


You may want to make it in the garden or in the home, that’s up to you. To get your free printable join The Inspiration Club today.


  1. We don’t get these here in Canada (or at least where I live) but I would love to try # 6 which is my favorite, Chocolate dipped Chick Peeps.

  2. All are adorable ideas! There’s really so much that you can do with peeps. These desserts are a must have on the table when you’re celebrating Easter. It’s going to be a hit with the kids.

  3. I (I mean my kids) love peeps! Thanks for this fun list of things to make with them. It would be fun for a family night activity!

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