Winter Wedding Decorations: 14 Fantastic Ideas

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While preparing for your wedding, many activities come with their stress but none gives you as much satisfaction as achieving your wedding theme with the right decorations. You may feel elated for finally picking the best bands for you and your spouse from a collection of men’s wedding bands and women’s rings online; but the feeling of joy that comes with getting that shiny and calm vibe for your winter wedding will surpass that.

Winter wonderland weddings are the perfect excuse to decorate your ceremony and reception with a romantic, dreamy feel. Here are a few of our fave winter wedding decorations!

Winter Wedding Decorations

Add Twinkle Lights to Your Decor

Is it just us, or does everything seem more enchanting with fairy lights? Whether you’re getting married indoors or outdoors, twinkle lights can help set the ambiance. You can hang them from the ceiling, use them as tablescapes, or string them up to create a stunning canopy.

Incorporate Branches

Your event venue will look charmingly rustic with branches, wreaths, and fake snow. Adding twigs to your tablescape is a great way to enhance the look. If you want to take it to the next level, you can incorporate whole branches into your centrepiece, so you’re paying tribute to nature without having to get wet.

Put Candles Down the Aisle

Try pillar candles instead of floral arrangements to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere at your winter celebration. By combining festive wedding decorations with warm ambient lighting, you can create an inviting and romantic atmosphere on your big day.

Put a Touch of Whimsy on It With Pine Cones

Here’s a unique way to bring nature inside. It’s cool to add a pine cone as an accent to tables, settings, and even escort cards. You can make your own silver pinecones or add them to a garland runner for a more natural look.

Winter Wedding Decorations
Winter Wedding Decorations

Get Creative With Dried Blooms

Winter celebrations are perfect for dried flowers because they last a long time. In addition to being used as ceremony arches, hanging arrangements, and centrepieces, dried blooms also make great boutonnieres. Consider dried berries instead of flowers if you want something different.

Make It Feel Like You’re Outside but Indoors

Make your reception the best it can be, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you. Guests can chat and mingle all night long in transparent tents that bring the outdoors inside. Add a fire pit to your indoor area and add some greenery or artificial snow for a cozy atmosphere.

Decorate With Garlands

Searching for the perfect backdrop? Say no more. Garlands of greenery and string lights can add a touch of magic to a sleek venue. Make it even more festive by adding a table garland and votives.

Make Baby’s Breath Part of Your Decor

Even though flowers that are larger and more vivid take the spotlight from the baby’s breath, they can still be just as beautiful on their own. Combined with a winter wedding installation, these tiny white blooms have an enchanting, almost cloudlike appearance. An eye-catching tablescape and a rustic reception setting can be made even more stunning with a chandelier made of baby’s breath flowers.

Velvet It Up

Crushed velvet isn’t just for dresses and accessories. This luxurious material will look gorgeous on your reception table. Make rustic wooden tables pop with velvet runners, vintage candlesticks, and fresh fruit cups.

Build a Champagne Tower

Nothing says bubbles like a champagne tower. Perhaps you’re planning an NYE wedding, or maybe you’re going Gatsby-style. No matter what, you’ll be able to impress your loved ones at your reception.

Put on a Show With Seasonal Blooms

No reason to think you can’t include flowers in your winter party. Make your event space stand out or greet your loved ones with them. What’s not to love about a gorgeous bouquet of flowers? You want a winter bloom arrangement that matches your ceremony’s aesthetic (think: garden roses, amaryllis, carnations, seasonal greenery, and pomegranates).

Give Your Loved Ones Blankets

When it’s below 60 degrees, you may want to put on an extra layer. Upon arrival at the venue, give everyone fleece blankets. It’ll be nice for guests to cozy up at the wedding and then take home their blankets as a favour.

Glass Orbs Make Great Hanging Decorations

You can make your wedding lounge feel like a winter wonderland with glass orbs. There’s nothing better than an all-white space featuring wooden furniture, vines, and lots of candles. An elegant addition would be hanging glass orbs.

Warm Up With Some Hot Chocolate

Have you ever thought of ways to serve hot cocoa at a winter wedding? You can make your own whipped cream, peppermint sticks, and marshmallows and create a hot chocolate station. There’s nothing like a drink inspired by frozen hot chocolate at cocktail hour.

That’s all we got. Take your winter celebration to the next level with these ideas. Having everything you need, now you just need to find the best decor companies in your area. Have fun hunting!

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