Why Dogs Make the Best Pets

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Dogs are wonderful creatures, aren’t they? In fact, when assessing the world’s love of pets, dogs are probably the most popular. For many, family life isn’t complete without a canine chum. Additionally, some people just adore animals and eventually discover why owning a dog is a favored choice for so many homeowners. Put simply, dogs make the best pets. 

Of course, not everyone is open to owning a dog. For some people, the mess they occasionally create can become an issue. Likewise, for some potential owners, the thought of taking on what is a huge responsibility puts them off.

On the whole, though, society adores dogs. People watch doggy-themed documentaries, there are dogs heavily featured in movies and TV shows, some people even get their favorite pooch chums tattooed on their bodies, while people are also playing games like Fortune Dogs, a Chinese-themed title filled with delightful doggo breeds, such as bulldogs and Maltese dogs. Essentially, dogs are everywhere. They make the best pets, too.

Why dogs make the best pets

Dogs are so loyal 

While many cats just want you to provide them with food, dogs will be there no matter what. An incredibly loyal animal to join forces with, dogs are present in the darkest and happiest of times, with people always trusting them to be there for them. 

Dogs are happy animals 

On the whole, dogs are positive creatures that can get excited over the smallest of things. For example, anything from sticks to a soccer ball will leave them extra happy, while their general energy and happiness while playing with pretty much anything is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Of course, dogs can get down at times but they’re usually in a positive mood. 

Dogs love a cuddle 

Unlike fish that you can’t pick up and cuddle at all or birds that perch on your shoulder, dogs enjoy a good old cuddle. They’re incredibly good at it, too. Whether you’re planning on snuggling on the sofa or you fancy an early night in bed, a snoozing pooch makes a great companion. 

Dogs will keep you active 

It’s easier than ever before to stay on the sofa and avoid going out given the array of technology-based entertainment options we can sample in 2023, but a dog will force you to explore the outside and keep active in the process. A sedentary lifestyle isn’t a good thing for anyone, hence one of the key reasons why people bring a dog into their lives. After all, who else is going to walk it? 

Why dogs make the best pets

Dogs Keep You Company

Whether it’s in the cold winter months or during a night in by yourself, knowing that there will always be a dog around is comforting for many people.

Dogs help you meet people 

Another reason why dogs make the best pets is undoubtedly due to the social aspect they provide for people. It’s not uncommon for dog owners to form friendships after regularly bumping into each other in a local park, while people will probably want to stroke your lovely pooch whenever they get the chance. Essentially, owning a dog is a great conversation starter and enables people to break the ice and start chatting. From there, anything can happen. 

Dogs are funny 

Whether it’s after throwing a ball high in the sky and watching them try and catch it, or the occasional bit of silliness they showcase, dogs can be extremely funny animals. They aren’t aware of the comical value they’re providing either which makes it even more charming. Dogs will constantly have you chuckling away at their antics, something we all need to do at times. 

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