Low-Cost Crafty Commercial Flooring Tricks to Leave Customers in Awe

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A business’s main goal is to keep going no matter what challenge is ahead. A lock-down, a loss of profit, or lack of updated ideas may discourage an owner. When you seem to be running out of tricks on how to fuel your commercial scene today, then start turning the floors around! 

Attract more audiences and increase your market to get your small businesses up and running again. Today’s post gives you low-cost remodeling ideas, the latest floor trends like commercial flooring Seattle, and eco-friendly floor trends, and other tricks you’ll love! 

Leave your customers in awe after you let these ideas surface in your profitable spaces! 

Latest Commercial Flooring Ideas to Start Loving Today!

Designing trends nowadays focus on decorating the grey, concrete steps under the feet. It is where all crafty decorative changes will begin! Now, are you ready to flip the tables, chairs, and countertops in your retail stores or shops? First, be inspired by the floor trends today!

1- Eco-Friendly Floors

Did you know that eco-friendly flooring ideas are slowly surfacing today’s scene? There are less harmful materials to use for the floors. Browse the list below to know some of them.

Polished Concrete Floors

A clean, polished concrete floor is the easiest way to get an attractive space. The shiny surface simply looks nice. It is not hard to keep concrete clean. You can color the surface using dyes. Some products are safe for the environment and will not cause mother-nature any harm.

Concrete is a material that does not need chemicals to install. It contains natural stone and solid materials that are sustainable.

Linseed Carpeted Floors

Linoleum mats or carpets are made from linseed plant oils. Lino floors give a cozy vibe to small business space. They also come in light or neutral colors to make a small business space feels light and homey.

Bamboo Floors

Bamboo materials look unique. At the same time, the natural skin of the bamboo is beautiful. You can also match other items made from the bamboo tree with your bamboo flooring. Chairs, tables, and even utensils have versions out of bamboo. 

Anyone who loves nature will get close to your shops or cafes if they see this nature-friendly vibe.

Cork Flooring

Here is a cool trick to create a slip-resistant floor at the same time sound-proof steps. Cork mats are fantastic materials to lay on the floors. 

Cork is a soft, flexible material made from cuttings and residues of timber or wood. These are recycled raw materials turned into another sustainable product.

This is perfect for child-friendly offices or shops. The hard concrete can turn into a soft, sound-absorbing surface when covered with cork. 

2- On a Budget Flooring Tricks

Make use of flooring ideas to hit two objects with one stone. A flooring design can give you low-cost cleaning. On some occasions, a floor can provide a polished look that adds light to brighten up a room.

Epoxy Resin Floors

Resin is a super tough material that makes a concrete floor stronger. A small retail store can use epoxy to make the floors resist cracks and impacts from falling objects. This will save a business owner a lot of money from a lot of repairs. A cafe or restaurant can apply a clear epoxy coating to protect the floors and protect the customers from slipping, too.

Recycled Tiles and Glass Floors

If you love DIY, then you’ll love this floor style. Tile art styled floors are cool. They create colorful patterns and designs. The pieces of old tiles can be put together to create another layer on a floor. 

You can use leftover tiles from a previous project. Or, it may be that you replaced an old tiled kitchen counter. Instead of throwing the shards and fragments away, recycle and then use them to style the floors. 

This is a fun DIY. You can also use old stained glass windows and take the shattered pieces to reuse them as decors on the floors. Finish it with an epoxy floor coating Houston to polish the surface.

3- Contemporary Ideas

Under our number three category are modern and pop-culture inspired ideas to decor a commercial floor.

Brand Logo

Relatable business spots will never lose clients. If your business space will never lose its character, then you are sure to keep your customers. The audience needs something they can identify with. So one way to make a lasting impression for business is to design your brand logo on the floor. How? Check out 3D custom floors. 

An expert flooring installer can print an image and use them as a design for the floors! That looks cool! Seeing your brand’s name once your audience step into your spaces will simply leave them in awe!

Comfort With Textures

One way to depart from traditional hard floorings is with a soft-surface floor. Do have this, use modern carpets that are now popular. Take a look at some of the carpet systems that will look great for hotels, inns, small transients, and other mini business areas:

  • Berber Mats
  • Wool Carpets
  • Carpet Tiles
  • Rubber Carpet

These are modern-living soft floorings that attract business today. Carpets provide a smooth, comfy texture when stepped on. Carpet tiles are popular ever since. They can fit in any commercial space. 

Carpet floorings leave people walking comfortably along hallways or massive mall strips. It reduces feet sores. So, it makes good a base for heavy foot traffic areas. 

Here is a cool trick to use these materials. You can mix and match two or three of them. Imagine your office space or company building with a rubber mat. Then mix with it carpet tiles. These are materials that come in various colors.

Play with textures as you play with colors

Final Notes

There are surefire ways to excite your business once again! The key is to not stop looking for ideas. If you don’t know where to start, look from the bottom up! Decor the floors. Creativity that matches unstoppable hard work to look for a new set of tricks will never let any business down.

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