What’s the Right Dose for Consuming Cannabis?

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Right Dose For Consuming Cannabis

We all know that Cannabis is well-known for its many health benefits. The two main components in Cannabis products are CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). 

While both of these help individuals with many issues, one key difference is that CBD isn’t psychoactive – which means it doesn’t produce a “high” – whereas THC does! The potency of cannabis depends on the amount of THC it contains. 

However, knowing about the right dose is vital before consuming. So that you can get the benefits, not the drawbacks, in that case, this article tells all about it. Let’s check it out.

Benefits of Using Cannabis

With an increase in popularity and legal acceptance, individuals around the globe are opting for products that contain cannabis to help them:

  • Sleep better
  • Provide pain relief
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and depression
  • Improve symptoms from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
  • Soothe inflammation 
  • Reduce seizures in epileptic patients

All of that is fine and dandy, but the question is: how much should you take to experience relief? Cannabis products come in different categories, such as cannabis extracts, dried cannabis, cannabis topicals, and edibles. Each of these has different amounts of THC incorporated, has different benefits, and poses distinct health and safety risks. This is why it is important to figure out the appropriate dose when incorporating cannabis into your daily routine. 

Factors Influencing Cannabis Dosage

The needs and goals of each body are different. That is, different people respond to different doses of cannabis. Therefore, there’s no universal daily dosage when it comes to consuming cannabis for everyone. 

Cannabis doses are measured in milligrams (mg) which varies based on method of consumption and individual factors. Let’s take a look at some of these factors:

Factor 1: Body Weight

An individual’s body weight and metabolism can affect how the body processes cannabis. The heavier the individual, the higher the dose of THC. However, there’s no strict rule on this.

    Factor 2: Treatment of a Health Condition

Whether it’s inflammation, chronic pain, or epilepsy, dosages are given according to your body’s needs. 

    Factor 3: Tolerance Level

For experienced cannabis users, their tolerance level can be quite high, which is why they’d need higher doses of cannabis to receive the desired effects. As for the beginners in this field or those individuals who have low tolerance should go for smaller doses to suppress their sensitivity to using cannabis.

    Factor 4: Different Methods of Consumption

There are many ways you can consume cannabis. You can use dried hemp flowers in your smoothies or juice to consume directly from the plant. You can also use oils, tinctures, and topicals such as creams, balms, and lotions that are infused with CBD and THC compounds. In addition, you can consume cannabis-infused edibles such as candies, chocolates, brownies, and even gummies. 

All of these types of consumption methods have different doses of cannabis-infused in them. For instance, delta 8 100mg gummies are for experienced users only. These are good for highly tolerant individuals or for those who have challenging health conditions. 

What’s the Right Dose?

While there’s no right or a standard dose for consuming cannabis, you’ll just have to figure it out with some effort and attention. With that being said, here’s a small guideline to give you a sense of what you may experience at various dosage ranges:

Cannabis Dosage: 1 – 2.5mg

  • Provides mild relief symptoms of pain, anxiety, and stress.
  • Heightens focus and improves creativity.
  • Great for novice users or for experienced individuals who are looking to reduce their cannabis intake.

Cannabis Dosage: 2.5 – 15MG

  • Provides strong relief symptoms of pain and aching joints (arthritis).
  • Reduces depression.
  • Improves coordination and concentration.
  • Creates mild symptoms of euphoria.
  • Helps with insomnia.

Cannabis Dosage: 30 – 50MG

  • Strong sense of euphoria.
  • Impacts concentration and attention.
  • Great for experienced users or those who are highly tolerant.

Cannabis Dosage: 50 – 100MG

  • Severely impacts coordination.
  • For low-tolerant individuals, side effects may include nausea and increased heart rate.
  • Only recommended for those with a high tolerance to THC.

Finding the Right Dose

Now that we have a sense of what various dosage ranges can do, let’s go ahead and figure out how you can find the dose that’s perfect for you:

  1.  Start Low and Go Slow

This commonly used adage is the best way to find out the perfect dose for you, especially if you’re a beginner. Begin by consuming low amounts and gradually increase it when you’re ready to get the desired effects.

  1.  Read Product Labels

Read the labels on cannabis products carefully when purchasing one. Pay special attention to THC and CBD content, which are usually listed as milligrams per serving. This can help you determine your starting point.

  1.  Listen to Your Body

Observe and pay attention to how your body reacts with different doses. If you experience adverse effects, lower your dose. And if that doesn’t work, discontinue using cannabis.

  1.  Monitor and Record

When consuming cannabis, track the type of strain, method of consumption used, dosage, and effects experienced. Record them so you can refine your dosing strategy over time.

  1.  Consult a Healthcare Professional

You can never go wrong asking for medical assistance from a professional. They’ll guide you, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or are taking other medications. They’ll then suggest the right dose based on your health history. 

Is It Possible to Take Too Much Cannabis?

Typically, high-potency CBD products with high doses, such as 1500mg, are well tolerated by individuals. However, possible side effects of an overdose include fatigue, diarrhea, and changes in appetite and/or weight. If that becomes the case, it’s a good idea to lower the dose or put it off completely. Your healthcare professional can help you in this case. 

To Wrap It Up

Learning about the right dosage when consuming cannabis is an essential step towards having a safe and enjoyable experience. Cannabis users, both experienced and beginners, should take factors such as body weight, metabolism process, and different types of consumption methods into account when trying to figure out the right dose. 

Pay close attention to your body and discontinue use if you experience any adverse effects. Consult a healthcare physician if you have any concerns regarding consuming cannabis. Regard safety as your first priority among all else. 

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