Awesome Ideas to Keep the Kids Busy and Having Fun

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There’s no denying that juggling working from home with children is difficult. Having children at your home office might be difficult while you’re teleconferencing, writing, or attempting to balance a budget.

Children kept busy are more likely to be joyful to keep the youngsters from watching television and encourage them to participate in the offered activities. You must be creative and intentional to keep your children occupied while also assisting them in their education. Try some of the fun activities below to keep the kids occupied and entertained.

Car Playmats

Set up any toy that may be used with it, such as automobiles and trucks, figures, and airplanes, if you already have a playmat with a road design on it. Children like the imaginative play of traveling around the town. If you don’t have a mat, you can get one the next day by shopping online. Alternatively, you can use painter’s tape to make your own sets of roads on any flat surface. The capacity to have tape go up over tiny objects or chairs in multiple directions is the most enjoyable part of a homemade track.

Let the Kids Learn to Draw

Drawing is a great indoor pastime because all you need is some paper and some crayons, pens, or pencils, which you probably already have. You can also teach them how to do scrapbooking. This will not only keep the youngsters occupied and entertained but will also encourage creativity. If you need a bit more inspiration, there are online resources, as evident at, where you can learn some creative ideas on almost every aspect of scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is a beautiful way to keep track of good memories from your time with your kids. 

Kids also love to paint, and it’s an easy activity to set up at home. You can buy some watercolors and find some fun coloring pages online for them to use as a guide, or just let them paint freely without any restrictions. You may even find free printable adult coloring pages so you can join them and have a relaxing and creative afternoon together. Just remember to put on some old clothes and cover the table with newspaper or plastic, as painting can get messy.

Build an Idea Box

Sit down with your kids and develop activities for them to do when they’re bored. Please list their suggestions and give them an empty box to write them down and place them. So, whenever they’re bored, have them choose one of their ideas and carry it out. They would be delighted to work on it because it was their idea.


Getting youngsters interested in gardening is a terrific way to instill a love of nature and a sense of appreciation for it. Growing microgreens like mint and basil is a great way to get children started on a nutritious diet. Other everyday activities to keep children involved constructively include growing succulents, painting existing pots, converting baskets to planters, and basic terrarium creation. 

Make a Backyard Beach

Two tiny wading pools should be created. If you don’t have any, cheap wading pools can be found at any local thrift store, including Walmart. Fill one pool with sand and the other with water, both of which can be found at any big-box home improvement store. Set out your beach chairs and umbrellas, set up a table with snacks and drinks, and let your kids build sandcastles and play in the sea. 

So far, we’ve discussed some great ways to keep youngsters occupied while you work. That does not imply that you must do all of the tasks on the list. Pick your child’s favorite and stick with it. However, your child still requires your presence, support, and guidance after all of this. So, amid your work, make sure you schedule time for them.

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