Fun Ways to Involve Your Kids in Garden Activities

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Fun Ways to Involve Your Kids in Garden Activities

One of the best things to encourage your child to do throughout the summer months is to spend lots of time outdoors.

Not only is spending quality time together in the garden lots of fun, but it’s also full of benefits including their health, mood and development!

Spending time in the great outdoors is ideal for boosting a positive mindset, keeping plenty of fresh air in your lungs which helps with a large number of different health issues, and it’s even great for keeping the mind focused and stimulated too! Not to mention that you can teach your kids a thing or two about nature! If you want to find out more information, be sure to visit

It may seem like a challenge to get your little ones out in the garden, but with these exciting gardening ideas they’ll be eager to get out and join you!

Small Yet Effective Jobs

Whilst it may be a little early for your child to be picking up the shears and getting started on cutting the hedges, there are some small yet effective tasks that they can carry out and still see positive results from.

Whilst you’re tackling the lawn, get your little one a small bucket and shovel and give them an area to weed.

They can pull out any weeds that are growing in unwanted places and collect them all in their bucket, to show you just how many they managed to pull out.

Similarly, you could have your child water the plants in your garden, helping them to grow and stay strong.

These may seem like very easy tasks, but when you’re out gardening yourself you will often find that your child will want to be like you and get involved, so it’s a great way to give them a sense of involvement and keep them occupied too!


Grow Your Own

There is nothing more rewarding than growing your own fresh fruit and veg (and being able to eat it too!), so encouraging your child to grow some of their own produce is perfect.

By undertaking this task, your child will develop skills that help them to care and look after something, as well as following instructions.

From strawberries to cucumbers, once your little one has started to grow their own fruit and veg they will learn to keep watering it, cutting off any unwanted leaves or branches and also checking up for any progress made.

This is the perfect way of keeping your child’s mind alert and focused throughout the summer holidays, as well as giving them something to be proud of as they will have achieved it all on their own. 

Mushrooms are delicious and nutritious, and you can grow them indoors with your little one, as well. Unlike green plants, mushrooms don’t need soil for them to be planted. Edible mushrooms are usually grown on substrate, which can be straw, hardwood sawdust, coffee grounds, or grains. An easy way to grow mushrooms is using indoor mushroom cultivation kits

The kits are boxes that usually contain amended sawdust blocks colonized by mushroom mycelium that look like soft, mold-like white fibers. You and your kid only need to place the box in the right environment, and you little one can spray the kit with water as instructed. As long as you follow the directions on the box, you’ll have mushrooms growing in two weeks or so.


At One With Nature

Encouraging your child to embrace nature and learn about all of the wonderful wildlife that lives in the comfort of your own garden is really good fun.

There are so many fun and exciting ways in which you can show and teach them about this, such as setting up little bug hunts, following existing trails and also spending some time putting out some snacks or areas for the wildlife to go to and eat.

Adding some birdhouses to your garden is ideal for being able to do a little bit of bird watching, showing your child which types of birds live in your garden and educating them on what kind of sounds they make.

This is really good for giving your children some fun activities to do in the garden, whilst they’re learning at the same time!


Put Their Stamp on It

Once the weather is nice enough for you to get out into the garden, ask your child what their favourite plant or flower is and give them the opportunity to grow their own and plant it somewhere in the garden.

Using your potting bench, they can plant and pot the seeds for their favourite flower or plant and add their own personal touch to your garden.

This is a lovely way of getting your child to appreciate the flowers in your garden and really think about what they like and why.

Just like growing their own fruit and veg, this is another great way to keep them focused and interested in a project that they will be able to enjoy for many months to come!



To help get your child into the gardening mood, I have a wonderful new children’s printable. It’s a free printable plant growth tracker.

You can click the download below.

Happy Gardening.

Plant Growth Tracker

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Fun Ways to Involve Your Kids in Garden Activities

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