What Is the Cost of Replacing Windows and Doors?

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 Cost of Windows and Doors Replacement

Cost means a lot when it comes to windows and doors replacement. Knowing what your budget is, allows you to decide on the style of doors to use as well as how many doors you can replace at a time. For instance, if you are operating at a tight budget, you would want to replace some doors or windows and then replace the others in future. However, if money is not a factor, then you can have all the doors replaced at go.

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So, what costs are involved in replacing your interior doors? That is what Total Home Windows and Doors want to bring to light here so next time you are replacing your windows and doors you don’t have to worry. Generally, the average cost of replacing an interior door is $366-$1102.

New Interior Door Prices

The average cost of replacing windows and doors range from $30-$4500. This cost can be more, especially for fibreglass and wood varieties. This cost is more of the price of the door or window itself since labour costs are usually low. However, the material influences the cost significantly. 

For example, doors with hollow-core usually cost $30 to $400. These doors are normally built with cardboard and honeycomb slats with faces of thin wood veneer. These doors are preferred in areas where noise isn’t an issue, like pantry or closet.

On the other hand, solid core ranges from $70 to $500. The core of these interior doors is normally engineered from wood particles compressed with glue. They are preferred in areas where privacy is needed, such as bathrooms and bedrooms. However, don’t confuse solid core with wood.

Solid Wood

Solid wood interior windows and doors are usually expensive. They come in different styles with glass inserts. The cost range from $150 to $1000, though most cost $250-$600 depending on the type of wood used.

TypeSlabFrameDoor Total*
Red Oak & Ash$165-$325$75-$95$240-$420
Paint & Stain Grade Poplar and Maple$100-$250$60-$90$160-$340
Cypress, American & Brazilian Cherry, Mahogany, Clear Pines, Birch, Cedar & Walnut$250-$450$105-$140$355-$590


If you are considering aluminium replacement doors, either bi-fold or sliding, you should be ready to spend from $300 to $2000. Most homeowners prefer aluminium since it provides the high-end finish for modern homes. You can look at the different options available when you visit your local window replacement company online or in person.

Glass and Other Fittings

Fittings like design and the number of the panels, paint, finishing and any other additions to your doors and windows definitely shoot the price, regardless of the type. For instance, sliding windows and doors with glass inserts can be pretty expensive. One tip when replacing double pane window glass is to make sure the replacement glass has the same thickness as the original window glass. This will ensure the window fits snugly and there are no gaps between the glass and frame that could cause air or water leaks. It will also help maintain the overall structural integrity of the window.

Where to Buy Your Windows and Doors

When it comes to acquiring new windows and doors, the process doesn’t have to be complex, especially when considering replacements. You can easily find a variety of doors at your local warehouse or hardware store. For those in Norfolk, Virginia, looking to enhance their home’s charm, there’s the option of choosing customized styles. Whether you’re interested in French doors with curved glass, unique slabs, or doors crafted from rare wood, local craftsmen in Norfolk have you covered. Additionally, explore local options for window replacement in Norfolk to ensure your new windows not only align with your aesthetic preferences but also contribute to the energy efficiency of your home.

Adding Pre-hung Interior Doors

When you buy pre-hung interior units, they usually come fully with a casing that allows them to fit in the existing opening. These sets range from $50-$900. But this also depends on the accents and material.

Labour Costs

When it comes to labour, this will also impact the cost of your windows and doors. Labour can run from $50 to $100 per hour, with the average cost being $75. However, this is also influenced by the location. In most installations, it takes three to five hours to complete the work.

Slab Door

A slab will cost you anywhere between $50- $400 on average.


The frame of your interior door will average between $150 to $350. However, this excludes the rough frame.


Each linear foot of the frame costs $3-$4. Trims are boards that cover the gaps left between the drywall and frame.

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