What Is Apple Homekit & How to Make Use of It?

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Apple describes HomeKit as “The Foundation of a Smarter Home.” There is no doubt in the fact that Apple HomeKit is striving to bring more comfort into the lives of people. Just as technology continues to grow and evolve, lives are expected to become more convenient with each passing day. That is what Apple HomeKit strives on working to improve.

This article will give you a little insight into what Apple HomeKit is and how it is helping to make people’s lives easier. 

what is apple homeKit

What is Apple HomeKit & Why is it better than Other Platforms?

Apple HomeKit is a smart home platform that has been launched by Apple. It is the key element that is helping in saving time and energy of people. This platform is specifically created to let the users control different devices in their homes that are connected to the internet. 

The internet being the main item to run tech and smart gadgets in this day and time. It also allows you to monitor and take care of your tasks with the help of your handheld devices or wearables like our phones, watches, and Wi-Fi controlled remotes. 

For this purpose, you need a reliable connection to power all your devices under a mesh system through a powered connection to sustain multiple devices, and one of the names we trust for this purpose is Optimum Wifi, providing reliable and high-speed connectivity.

Recently, there has been a lot of competition about which is the best smart home platform among Amazon, Google and Apple. Although there is no right answer to this question, Apple HomeKit distinguishes itself from the other platforms as it has a distinct problem-solving aim to fulfill. Apple is doing so well in the industry because it prioritizes dependability and security rather than competing for more customers in the home automation department. 

Benefits of Using Apple Homekit

Apple is a major provider of home automation solutions to homeowners. The fact that so many people around the world prefer it raises an important question, what is so special in the platform that the other platforms do not offer? Following are listed some advantages of choosing Apple HomeKit as your smart home platform. 

Improved Security and Privacy:

When people are investing their money in something, they expect great things out of it. One of the major concerns of the users is whether their data will be secure or not. Apple provides the full guarantee that the user’s security and privacy was kept in check as their main concern and priority when shaping this technology.

The automation industry has faced serious consequences for privacy issues. This is why Apple HomeKit was built with the framework to keep it secure from outside invasion. 

Apple HomeKit provides a great sense of security to its users, articulates security mechanisms that keep the data safe from any unauthorized personnel, and has end-to-end encryption to keep the mesh networks secure. 

There Is No Requirement for a Separate Hub:

When users are already investing in smart gadgets, they don’t want to spend extra on setting up hubs. Apple HomeKit has made this problem easy and it is one of the main reasons why people are willing to choose it over other platforms. Most homeowners do not want to incur the additional expense of purchasing an additional device. 

This platform allows you to turn the device you’re connected to into a hub from which you can control multiple devices, instead of spending money on another hub. This helps you to save money on additional hardware. 

Homekit Supports Only One App:

Managing and controlling all the devices at once can be a hassle for the users and this is the main complaint they have. Users do not like to install separate applications for each device. 

It not only clutters all the data but also can be frustrating to manage with busy schedules. You are not required to install so many apps at once because a single application will do the job for you. 

Effective Voice Assistant:

Apple is responsible for being one of those companies that launched a voice assistant the earliest in the industry. It was then that another voice assistant such as Google Assistant or Alexa was launched. 

Since Apple is the boss in this category, its voice assistant is said to be the best and the most effective of all. Apple Home Kit works well with Siri to provide users with greater comfort and convenience when controlling their devices.

How to Use and Set Up Homekit?

If you are looking to have a full-functioning smart-home system set up at your home, then you can get it done with some smart home gadgets that are compatible with HomeKit. 

You can control the devices even if you are away or at a fair distance and can even automate all the tasks. You can connect and link all the HomeKit-compatible devices in multiple ways, such as devices like these:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Siri Voice Assistant
  • Mac
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple TV
  • Smart sensors

There are multiple ways through, which the users can connect and run the HomeKit devices. This can be either done with Bluetooth, Hub or Wi-Fi connection; depending on the device. For instance, some light bulbs would require a hub or some smart lights would require a Wi-Fi connection. With the help of the new protocol “Thread”, you can connect your devices more smoothly without the need for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. 

Final Words

The technological industry is competing in a race currently, to know which is the best. Apple has been dominating the industry for quite a long time now. More great things are expected from the company in the near future. 

Apple’s Home Kit is a reliable and safe way to integrate Smart home automation into your place and experience the future of living. This article has provided you with information enough to explore and make the right decision. 

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