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Learning Activities For Kids Reading and Literacy Funny Bones

Funnybones Book Review And Learning Activity Ideas

Today Sylvia wants to share a new book which she absolutely loves. The book is an all time classic called Funnybones. Written and illustrated back in 1980 by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. The book has been around for a long time.

Funny Bones

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The Funnybones book is really great because it has a lot of repetition and is a really fun story to read.

It’s an all time favourite of mine. I love so many kids books and have quite a few I absolutely love.

Funny bones skeleton

Sylvia particularly loves the part about the skeleton dog, where he ends up in a pile of bones and big skeleton and little skeleton have the task of rebuilding the dog.

Funny bones skeleton

Funnybones is really well illustrated.

There are some fantastic images to go alongside the text and it’s a great book for encouraging children’s literacy skills and developing existing interests.

Funny bones skeleton

There are so many fantastic activities you could do with your child to extend their learning from this book.

From reading the rest of the funnybones series, to skeleton art, skeleton baking and even fun singing.

Funny bones skeleton

Sylvia created her own Funnybones Dog. She drew him on white card, cut him out and then put them together.

She really had fun and enjoyed creating a craft based on a book she enjoys.

Funny bones skeleton

We also had a great idea to make gingerbread men and draw bones on them with white icing.

We baked the gingerbread men and will be icing them tomorrow after school.

skeleton gingerbread

I have been enjoying choosing books and extending Sylvia’s literacy skills through play, arts and baking.

Funny bones

I feel I’m finally putting my teaching experience into practice a little more and having fun with my daughter at the same time. It’s not easy to find time to do this when I am unwell but I am trying to make the time.

Funny bones skeleton

Here are a few more skeleton themed activities to give you some Skeleton themed inspiration.

Angela x

Skeleton Ginger Bread Men


Q Tip Skeleton Craft

funnybones skeleton art

Skeleton Rice Krispies

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