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Weekly Visits To The Hospital

Over the past few months I have been averaging one weekly visit to the hospital. I attend five different hospitals for Endocrine, Heamatology, for my operation follow ups and a private hospital for my adrenal pump. Going to the hospital for outpatient appointments and treatment can be a pain in the bum. We often have to travel some distance. My nearest hospital where I get my Iron Infusions is Wigan and is only about 30 minutes away.

iron infusion

The other hospitals, Preston, Manchester, Liverpool and my London hospital are a little further to visit. I am slowly getting used to visiting the hospital on a regular basis. You go often enough on the same day, you even get to know the staff and their personalities. You know who is friendly and who is a grump and sadly like when I was a school child, you get very familiar with the buildings.

Having health problems is really no fun and going to appointments isn’t ether. Some days I just want to curl up in bed and not bother going. I’d like to rest or postpone but I know I need to go when I have an appointment as there is a system and if I missed I could be discharged, be made to wait longer or miss out on important tests and medication.

iron infusion

I always like to take my diary with me and a pen when I go to hospital. I have not had a cell phone for over 8 months now. Yes can you believe I am a blogger without a cellphone. It is really tricky at times but I traded a monthly cell phone bill to be able to pay for my monthly medications and it’s a sacrifice I need to make for now. so when I do go to hospital I have time to think and plan. Sometimes however I feel sick and can’t plan. Sometimes when I have treatment I wish I were able to lay on a bed but often I have to sit in a chair for hours and it can get very uncomfortable. It’s the same for many patients. There are beds but they are reserved for the most sick patients.

Last time I went for my Iron Infusion there was a mix up with my medication. I was cannulated and then ended up waiting 3 hours before my treatment began. I then had my treatment and then had to sit and wait for observation times. It was hot and sticky and uncomfortable but I stuck it out. I think when getting treatment it is good to take a water bottle, some snacks to eat as well as something to read or do.

On my last visit one patient had a magazine. He was reading the horoscopes to all the nurses and telling them what would be happening in the coming weeks. It was funny and the nurses had a laugh. it kept us entertained for a good 20 minutes. I think hospital visits can be boring and there are often always delays, waiting and more waiting. If you go prepared with something to do it sure makes things easier.

iron infusion

I think next time I have an infusion I am going to take my husband’s Ipad and watch a downloaded movie. That would keep me busy. I am also going to take a personal fan as it can be so hot and warm and uncomfortable.

I’m glad I am getting the treatment I need. I always enjoy having a sandwich and a drink after treatment and appointments, it’s my little reward or treat for getting through another visit. On Monday I travel by train to London. I am having my one year follow up having been on the adrenal pump for a year. It has been a learning curve. I’ve had many visits to London but now I can do all my tests local, send the results and simply visit my private specialist once every six months.

iron infusion

I won’t be well enough to travel to London and back in one day. It would be too much for me so I will be staying in the YHA hostel overnight and then coming home on Tuesday morning. I won’t be well enough to enjoy London or go out visiting. However If I can manage it, and that is a big if, I might try and go somewhere nice for dinner after my appointment or if i’m able..visit the Theatre.. that’s a dream… I probably will be far too exhausted and I’m dreaming but we shall see how I am on the day.

Last time I went to London I stayed for four days to rest well and was able to visit Les Miserables. I would have liked to have gone with John but I was on my own. I loved the theatre. It was amazing. Maybe in six months for my next appointment we can go for the week and visit the theatre again but not this time. I just need to focus on getting to the appointment and then getting home the next morning.

Well these are just some of my random thoughts about the hospital and I thought I’d share.

Angela x