What to Wear Wedding Dress Shopping as a Bridesmaid

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Wedding dress shopping is one of the most important moments in a bride’s life, so it’s no surprise that most brides share this moment with friends, family, and their bridesmaids.

While the shopping process can be fun and exciting, you might be wondering about what to wear wedding dress shopping as a bridesmaid, especially if you’ve never gone wedding dress shopping before.

Wedding Dress Shopping as a Bridesmaid

The good news is that there’s no fancy dress code you need to follow; most wedding dress stores are fancy but they don’t have a black tie dress code or anything like that. Therefore, it’s more about choosing something that makes you feel good without stealing the bride’s thunder. Read on to learn more.

Formal or Casual: What Works Best?

The biggest decision you’ll have to make about what to wear wedding dress shopping as a bridesmaid is how formal you want to dress. Most wedding dress stores won’t have a formal dress code, so you can choose to wear something more relaxed.

This doesn’t mean you should dress down in sweats but you don’t have to tire your legs out with high heels either. Therefore, if you’re going to a more casual venue it’s best to see what the bride is wearing. Then, try to match her style and level of formality.

On the other hand, if the bride is planning on shopping somewhere more formal, the bride and store might want you to be in something a little more put-together. If you’re going somewhere more white-glove, we recommend asking the bride about the dress code or calling the store ahead of time to be sure.

5 Ideas for What to Wear Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding dress shopping should consist of casual outfits that have some added flare if you plan on going out afterward. Go wedding dress shopping in style with our dress ideas below.

1. Your Bridesmaid Dresses

One of the best things that you can wear wedding dress shopping is your bridesmaid dresses.

If the bride has already picked them out, wearing your bridesmaid dresses in the wedding colors can help the bride choose a dress that looks visually appealing among the bridesmaids.

This can help her stand out and feel more confident on her wedding day. Furthermore, it can help her get a feel for what everyone will look like. If you don’t have your bridesmaid dress yet, Sherri Hill’s online gallery has some great options from their designers.

2. Jumpsuits 

Jumpsuits are a great choice for wedding dress shopping. They’re not too formal but also not the most casual outfit, so it’s a healthy middle ground that gives you some flexibility. Plus, jumpsuits are some of the more comfortable outfits that you can wear while you’re wedding dress shopping.

What’s more, you can make them more formal by adding your favorite pair of heels.

3. T-Shirt and Jeans

You can rarely go wrong with a T-shirt and jeans look. What makes this outfit great is that there are various levels to what a T-shirt and jeans can be. For example, you can wear nice jeans with heels and an elegant bodysuit if the venue is more formal. On the other hand, you can wear baggy and more comfortable jeans with a casual shirt if it’s a more casual venue.

4. Cocktail Dress

Going to a more formal venue? Consider wearing a cocktail dress. Cocktail dresses are classy dresses that you can make pop with the right heels and accessories. Plus, they’re formal and remain more comfortable than something like a gown.

5. Leggings and Your Favorite Top

If the whole bridal party is all about being comfortable during shopping, you can dress down in leggings and your favorite shirt or sweater. We recommend leggings instead of sweatpants because you’ll be out in public and some places might not approve of the dressed-down look that some sweatpants may have.

That said, choose nice-looking leggings and a decent top and you should be fine.

Find What to Wear Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding dress shopping is a moment that everyone who goes can cherish and enjoy. Ultimately, the most important thing you can do for the bride on this special day is to go and offer your support.

What you’re wearing doesn’t matter too much unless you’re going somewhere that’s appointment-only or has strict rules, so remember to have some fun with the process!

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