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We have Disney Moana Toys from the Disney movie "Moana". My daughter loves her Disney toys and looks like the female character Moana!

Top Disney Moana Toys To Buy From The Disney Store

With the release of Disney’s new movie Moana comes the excitement of having a new female Disney character. For my daughter it’s especially exciting as Sylvia is of Polynesian descent being part Maori and half Tongan and Moana is the first Disney princess or character my child actually looks like and can really relate to.


So with this in mind we thought it would be fantastic to create a list of top Moana Disney toys to buy from the Disney Store for  your child. I’ve had a good look and here are my favourite items.

Disney Moana toys

First is the Disney Moana Plush Doll. The Moana soft toy doll  includes a pretty embroidered face, Polynesian robes and a sparkling shell necklace. The doll is really soft and over 40cm tall. my daughter has this doll and really loves it.

Second we have the Pua large Soft Toy. As Moana’s loveable sidekick, the super soft Pua pig has floppy ears, a big pot-belly and a 3D snout.

disney plush doll

The Disney Moana Deluxe Figurine Playset is a great play set containing all the main characters from the Diseney Moana film. From Moana and Maui to the Moana toddler, Grandma Tala and the pig Pua, there are lots of characters to play with and create fun Disney Moana scenes.

Beingmoana deluxe figurine

Being a fan of kids fashion and having a daughter who loves to dress up, the Moana Costume for Kids and the Moana shoes for Kids are really fab idea and something I hope to get in the future for Sylvia.


Last but not least I love the sound of the Moana Singing Doll. This doll is really great. Dressed in traditional pacific clothing, the doll has a shell light up necklace and sings her song “How Far I’ll Go” when her hand is pressed. The set also comes with a traditional headset and little Pua and Hei Hei figures. This is one of the beautiful Disney Princess Costumes that you can have.


So here are my recommendations. We were actually sent the deluxe character set and the Moana plush doll and Sylvia absolutely loves her toys. The Disney store have some fantastic Disney Moana toys and it’s one of our favourite kids stores of course. After all who doesn’t love Disney?

Disney Moana toys

Angela x

*In Collaboration with The Disney Store

We have Disney Moana Toys from the Disney movie "Moana". My daughter loves her Disney toys and looks like the female character Moana!