Letter H Worksheets for Pre-k

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H is for Hat Letter H Worksheets For Pre-K And Letter Trace

Hi and welcome back to our Letter of the week printable. Today we have the letter H preschool worksheets and they are fantastic resources for homeschooling, preschool or nursery environments. I hope you enjoy these free letter H worksheets as much as I enjoyed designing them! 

letter h worksheets for preschool kids

Letter H Worksheets for Preschool Kids

We have 4 resource worksheets. The first is a letter H tracing worksheet using the letter h and the word hat.

Letter tracing is a great activity for little ones to help with hand eye co-ordination and the development of fine motor skills. I’m super pleased to share this with you and hope you find these useful.

What You Get?

  • Letter H Coloring page
  • Letter H Tracing (HAT)
  • Hat Color matching
  • Hat Sequence patterns

Letter H Coloring Worksheet

We used paint sticks to do our letter practice but you can use felts, pencils or crayons. The option is endless. Your kids can also colour the hats once the letter tracing is completed.

Download Your Free letter H Worksheets today!

H is for Hama Bead Patterns: DIY Shark Keychain! It’s super easy and fun and one you will love!

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