Disney on a Budget: How to Get Discounts

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If you’re going to Disney World for your next family vacation, this can be a great time – but it can also be a disaster for your finances. If you don’t save when you go to Disney World, you might end up spending a lot more money than you initially planned.

When it comes to a vacation, this can ruin your spending budget and cause you more stress than it is worth. Avoid being stressed out during your “relaxing” vacation and find out ways that you can get discounts on tickets!

After all, going to Disney World should be fun for everyone – not just the children who do not have to worry about money! Make sure that you find discounts, deals, and special tickets beforehand so you can avoid spending a fortune while you’re at one of the best places in the world.

Enjoy the magic, go on a ride with your family, and explore the various parks without having to worry about the money situation.

But where can you find discounts on tickets? There are a few tips and tricks that you can use to save money on tickets for your home family – avoid spending full price on anything when you go to Disney World.

There are deals that you can find, special offers that you can take advantage of, special credit card less and perks, and other freebies you find if you look hard enough! 

Let’s see the top ways that you can get discounts on tickets and have a blast during your next vacation! 

Looking To Save on Disney? Here Are a Few Ways That You Can Get Discounts on Tickets

Knowing the tips and tricks to get the best deal possible for your trip to Disney World is key to enjoying yourself, not worrying about money, and spending the majority of your time laughing and running around the parks with your kids! Let’s see a few smart ways that you can save money:

Military Deals

If you are a veteran of the military, you can enjoy the Disney World military discount. This discount on tickets is the best perk that the parks of Disney World can provide you with a type of “salute” for your hard work and protection of the country.

This discount on tickets is usually called the Military Salute or the Armed Forces Salute, which provides you with up to 50% discount on park tickets during certain times of the year. If you end up going to the park during these special days, which is typically between the end of summer and the middle of December, you can enjoy a half-price ticket!

Not only will this save you thousands of dollars for you and your family, but you can have extra perks and deals for yourself, your spouse, and your children. 

  • Another military discount you can use to get discounts on tickets is going to a military-only location at the parks! This small resort is a type of way that Disney can provide you with special accommodation to thank you for your services. Shades of Green is a military-only resort that is a nice way to relax after a long day of walking around the park.

AAA Deals

The next type of deal that you can find to get discounts on tickets is AAA deals, perks, and discounts. If you are a member of your AAA club, you can get deals on tickets – you can even get a two-day ticket to Disney World for up to half of the selling price!

This way, you can save between 30 and 50% on tickets for you and your family if you go at the right time of the year.

Stay for a Longer Period

The next way that you can get discounts on tickets is by enjoying the park for longer periods – although this may seem like an oxymoron to save money by spending more time in the park, you can do so by getting long-term deals.

Oftentimes, the price per day for the park visit will be less if you spend more time in the park. The longer you stay, the less you will have to pay per day. 

If you are only spending around one or two days in the park, the price per day will usually be between $100-$150 per person – which can be as much as around $600 for a 4-person family!

If you end up going for a week and you buy a week pass for Disney World, you can lower this number to between $50 and $70 per day for each family member – this is the best way that you find discounts on tickets if you are not a member of a specific group!

Ask Around to Find Specials and Deals

There is no shame in asking for help – and the same goes for finding discounts for tickets! If you are trying to find deals and discounts, you have a much higher likelihood of getting a deal on your vacation.

If you ask the Disney travel companies, credit card companies, and the local hotels in the area, they will have to ask about discounts that are currently running and the deals that you can get on tickets and passes. 

Stay at a Different Resort

Instead of staying at the fanciest and high-end resort that you can find – which will be the most expensive part of your vacation – instead, why not stay at a value resort?

Although a “value” resort may sound cheap and like it is not as nice as the others, typically the value resort is a type of hotel or accommodation that is just as nice as the luxury resorts – but without some of the glamorous touches.

In most cases, you will still get great rooms, a great location, and outdoor amenities. 

You can find a resort located just outside the ground of the Disney theme park – although you will have to go just a little bit farther to enjoy the rides, you will typically save as much as 40 to 60% per night on the prices!

Since staying in the Disney theme park is much more expensive, you can spend just around 5-10 more minutes of walking to get to the resort -and save thousands in the process! 

Visit the Park During Discounted Days

The new way that you can find discounts on tickets is only by visiting the park during specific discounted and value days.

Just like the value resort, value days are held for a few days each year in the park – this is the day of the year that the park prices are much lower than “regular” days.

The value days are typically the off-seasons of the tourist season – you may find that going in the spring season, November, or other months when tourists do not flock to Florida is the best time to get discounts on tickets.

Instead of going to Disney during the hot summer months or during the Christmas break, why not go during January, February, August, September, or November?

Find a discount 

The next way to find discounts on tickets is by finding a reputable discount option that can help you save money on your passes and ticket packages.

Instead of buying tickets from a private person who is selling via websites like the Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, or eBay, why not find a reputable and well-reviewed option? But who is this?

By using discount offices and discount online services such as Maple Leaf Tickets, you can ensure that you save a few bucks on each ticket for you and your family.

Do Not Go During the Weekend!

If you are looking to get a discount on tickets, avoid going to Disney World during the weekend. If you can manage to take off work during the week and make your vacation from Monday to Friday, you can end up saving hundreds of dollars on your total trip!

Prices on weekends are as high as 25% more during the Saturday and Sunday period and holiday weekends – avoid going during holiday weekends and Saturdays/Sundays to skirt the massive crowds, higher prices, and long lines.

Not only will you have a less crowded atmosphere and more ability to go on rides, but you can save thousands on your family’s vacation. 

Read Discount Blogs

The last way that you can get discounts on tickets is by reading insider tips blogs and discount blogs.

By staying up to date with the latest information, deals, tickets, and passes that you can purchase for you and your family, you can quickly pounce on a deal before it expires.

Staying current with the latest Disney information is key to being able to get the best deal possible and purchase discounts on tickets before you visit the park.


Are you thinking about going to Florida for your next family vacation? If so, finding out the best way to get discounts on tickets is to avoid a stressful time during your magical holiday. Getting Disney deals is the best way to save money and have the best time of your year!

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