20 Ways to Make Toast Even Better

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Do you love toast? Check out these 20 ways to make toast even better and easily from home, too! All of these simple toast recipes can make a plain piece of bread taste like its come straight from a restaurant. And this means that you can easily change up the flavor of your toast, each and every day. From sweet to savory, you’re certain to find a simple toast recipe that you love on this list!

Ways to Make Toast Even Better

The best part about these toast recipes? They literally take no time at all! Try one or try them all and be ready to be amazed at how awesome your toast is going to taste!

Sweet and Spicy Breakfast Toast – Unicorns in the Kitchen

Add a little sweet and spicy to your toast with this simple idea.


Air Fryer Chinese Shrimp Toast – This Old Gal

Use your Air Fryer to create this toast recipe that’s hearty and delicious.


Blackberry Ricotta Toast – Trial and Eater

Talk about a sweet toast topping!


Herbed Ricotta Toast – Jen Around the World

This is a savory flavor for your morning toast. Or good for dinner, too.

Herbed Ricotta Toast with Sautéed Tomatoe

Unicorn Toast – Meraki Mother

This is a great treat for a unicorn-themed party.


Mermaid Toast – Ruffles and Rainboots

And if your child loves mermaids, this is a fun way to doctor up their toast.

Weight Watchers BLT Toast – Mid-Life Healthy Living

Just because you want to enjoy toast doesn’t mean that you have to max out your caloric intake for the day.

Weight Watchers BLT Toast .jpeg

Fig, Goats Cheese, Honey, and Thyme Sourdough Toast – Everyday Delicious

This is a savory taste with so many flavors.


Sweet Pepper Roasted Garlic Spread on Toast – How to Love Cooking

Pair this up with a nice bowl of soup.


Crushed Minted Peas on Toast with Radishes – Veggie Desserts

Calling all veggies lovers!


Chilli Cheese on Toast – Crunch and Cream

Hearty, fun, and so much flavor!


Canned Sardines on Toast – A Taste For Travel

Have you ever tried sardines on toast? Now is your chance.


Honey Pistachio Avocado Toast – Lemons and Zest

Pistachio’s and honey with avocado is such a good treat.


Mediterranean Breakfast Toast – The Mediterranean Dish

Give this easy toast recipe a try!


Street Corn Avocado Toast – My Everyday Table

I bet you’ve never quite had toast like this!


Apple Peanut Butter Toast – The Feed Feed

When the kids are wanting a snack, this is your go-to dish!

Apple Peanut Butter Toast.jpeg

Avocado Toast with Feta Cheese and Balsamic Glaze – Piper Cooks

Looking for a unique flavor? This is the one you need!


Tomato Breakfast Toast – The Almond Eater

There’s just something simple about this flavor and taste.

Tomato Breakfast Toast

Apple Tahini Toast with Honey and Thyme – Tasty Yummies

One of the best flavors you’ll find.

Apple Tahini Toast with Honey and Thyme

Smoked Salmon and Poached Eggs on Toast – Killing Thyme

Talk about a hearty and tasty way to start the day.


See how many fun toast recipes you can find?! When it comes down to it, you can easily add anything you want to your toast.

Which of these toast recipes are you going to make first?

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