Top Things to Do in Cambridge This Summer

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When it comes to things to do in Cambridge, there truly is something for everyone. This makes it an ideal summer city break destination for both friends and family, especially since it’s really easy to get to Cambridge from London by train.

So, whether you’re keen to go punting on the river Cam, enjoy a picnic in the park, or join a walking tour of the city, keep reading for some of the top things to do in Cambridge this summer.

Things to Do in Cambridge

Explore the Fitzwilliam Museum

Cambridge city is home to many museums. Art, culture, history; it doesn’t matter what your interests are, Cambridge has a museum for you! But, if you are short on time and unfortunately can’t make a trip to all the museums Cambridge has to offer, a must-see museum loved by both students and locals is the Fitzwilliam Museum. With world-class collections and exhibitions of art that span centuries and civilisations, this free-to-enter museum will make your trip to the city one to remember. 

Visit Cambridge’s Botanic Gardens

Don’t let the city’s incredible botanic gardens be overlooked by those in Oxford and Kew! Instead, Cambridge’s gorgeous flora makes the perfect day out for when the sun is shining in the city. Even just a couple of hours exploring the Gardens’ collection of over 8,000 plant species from over the world will have you wondering what busy city life even feels like!

Enjoy Afternoon Tea at Orchard Gardens

Slightly outside of Cambridge – but just a short walk, bike ride, or even punt trip away – you can find The Orchard Gardens in Grantchester. This tranquil oasis has been an essential part of Cambridge life for over a century and even offers a delicious round of afternoon tea for visitors looking to take some time away from the hustle and bustle of Cambridge city. 

Go Punting Along the River Cam

A traditional Cambridge pastime beloved by all those that visit the city, a great way to get a feel for Cambridge is to go punting along the River Cam. Guided tours down the river are available, and if you’re feeling incredibly brave, you can even hire a boat and try punting yourself!

If you’ve got travel plans to visit Cambridge in the summer, don’t miss some of our suggestions for things to do in the city. However, while these remain our top favourites, there are plenty of other things to do in Cambridge, as well.

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